In the wake of one of the worst school shootings in recent American history -- the second deadliest of all time -- communities around the country are heightening security and keeping a close eye on gun-toting citizens. In the latest instance of heroism following the Conn. shooting incident, police have thwarted an Indiana man's plans to kill students.

Indiana police are reporting that they've found a stockpile of 47 guns hidden throughout an estranged man's home. The man had threated to set fire to his wife and then walk over to an elementary school and "kill as many people as he could."

The culprit, Von I. Meyer, 60, was arrested at his Cedar Lake, Indiana home one Saturday under the suspicion of felony intimidation, resisting arrest and domestic battery. Police in Cedar Lake said that they were called to the man's home after he threatened to kill his wife. The man also threated to begin shooting any people in sight at the Jane Ball Elementary School less than 1,000 feet from his home.

The threat was made on the exact same day that 26 people -- six adults and 20 young children -- were killed in Newtown, Conn. in one of the deadliest school shootings in the history of the United States. Meyer has been identified as a member of the motorcycle gang, The Invaders, and his arsenal of weapons was scattered around his two-story hoe.

The police alerted school officials to the threat. Police obtained a warrant quickly and arrested Meyer the following day without any incidents. Meyer is currently being held without bail.

This is one of many shooting scares to make headlines following the school shooting in Newton, Conn. For example, a man was arrested at a Southern California shopping mall on Saturday after firing off 50 rounds into the air in the parking lot of a Macy's store. Police officers that were patrolling the area on bicycles were able to apprehend the culprit. Thankfully, as is the case with the Indiana school shooting plot, no one was hurt.