So tonight as I was browsing YouTube I happened to run across one of the most unconceivable, yet amazing thing I've seen in a while.

Toy Story...The Movie...remade...With real toys in real life performing the action!

So what's this all about well, pretty much exactly what the title says - a live action Toy Story remake of the popular Pixar animation.

As I sat down to watch what I assumed was a quick 5 minute fun video created by a bunch of friends on a Saturday afternoon, it didn't take me long to realize this was more than a little fun. Yes, indeed, this 80 minute film (that's right I said 80 minutes!) was actually quite honestly a work of art.

With each scene of the Pixar Toy Story film remade in real life action, I'm still stunned a pair of young people actually pulled something like this off. Apparently the creators have been at work on the project for quite some time and even have an entire Facebook page and Twitter account devoted to it.

It seems the project was completed back in August but was not released until this week due to fear of PIXAR copyright infringement.

Back in August the team put together a footage trailer, along with a brief message explaining why they had not yet uploaded the complete Live Action Toy Story project to YouTube. Unsure if they would be violating any copyright they reached out to Pixar for a go-ahead to put up their live action Toy Story recreation.

Either they've received approval or decided it was time to share their work with the world regardless, but either way it's there and quite a sight to behold. Here are just a few of the comments coming in about the Live Action Toy Story film


Holy. What. Dude. You're amazing. Props to you.


I'm just watching this in awe. Not sure how else to describe my reaction other than that. Every moment I'm amazed at how much work/time went into this, and how well it matches.


Wow this must have taken a lot of work, great job.


Thank you sir for bringing me back to the greatest years of my childhood. This was the first movie I ever saw and I've seen it at least 50 times.


See you guys when this becomes viral.

Check out Live Action Toy Story now and tell us what you think.