Inauguration 2013: A Bad Lip Reading... you might not have thought it possible but they've done it again! The geniuses behind the bad lip reading YouTUbe video sensations we've seen taking on everything from "Twilight" to the NFL are back again with another classic-Inauguration 2013. Taking what is one of the most serious moments in the life of a president and twisting it into something we can all laugh about...well you got to hand it to these guys, they are indeed brilliant.

This video to me is particularly funny as from dub one we know it's gonna be a wild and crazy ride.

So what does the currently viral video "Inauguration 2013" find President Obama saying in place of his Oath of Office? Well just about everything from admitting "Yo mama took a Cosby sweater" to letting the nation know he there are two different Einsteins and oh yeah, he enjoys make-up. However he slips a bit when they ask him to say Elvis has sex appeal. Guess that's just taking the silliness a bit too far.

In addition to a really bad lip read of the Inauguration 2013 presidential speech and taking of the Oath of Office by President Obama, the clip also does a little number on Beyoncé's Inaugural Lip Sync by inserting a few bad lip reads there too.

Wither way this is a fun post Inauguration 2013 view. Take a look and if you enjoyed it, make sure to share it with a friend

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