I-limb ultra revolution, released earlier this month by developer Touch Bionic, is the first prosthetic that is iPhone compatible. The robotic hand includes the Quick Grips biosim application, which uses Bluetooth to link the hand with a smartphone, Gizmag reported. With the iOS app, users can choose from a range of 24 different grips, learn how to use their new appendage, set preferences, and even troubleshoot problems, all with a few taps on an iPhone or iPad.

The i-limb ultra revolution expands on the technology of its predecessor. "I have only had it for 24 hours and it's not so much that it allows me to do new things, but it will allow me to do things more smoothly and naturally," Patrick Kane, a London teenager who is the first person in the UK to receive this highly advanced prosthetic, told the Daily Mail. Kane, who lost all the fingers on his left hand after contracting meningococcal disease when he was nine months old, previously wore the i-limb ultra.

Kane has been using his new hand to play Connect 4, lift weights at the gym and, with the use of custom grips, wield a tennis racquet or cricket bat, per the Daily Mail. However, the bionic hand is so dexterous, it can be used to pick up a single sheet of paper, tie shoelaces or type on a keyboard, considerably subtler applications than the strong grip necessary to lift a weight.

Aside from being app-controlled, the i-limb ultra revolution can also be controlled with "myoelectric prosthesis" -- a process that uses electrodes to pick up muscle movements, which are then interpreted by a computer in the back of the hand. The computer then moves the hand using one of many pre-programmed hand and finger motions.

The i-limb ultra revolution can cost anywhere from $38,000 to more than $120,000, depending on how far up the arm it needs to extend. The arm covering can be made to match the wearer's skin tone, but Kane chose a jet-black arm that matches his iPhone.

The i-limb ultra revolution's previous version, the i-limb ultra, made waves late last year when it was used in Will.i.am's music video for "Scream & Shout", which also featured a very robotic sounding Britney Spears. Now, Touch Bionic has released an updated version of the prosthetic hand that includes an iOS app for iPhone and iPad that allows the user to remotely control the hand's grip.

In Will.i.am's video, which currently has over 200 million views on Youtube, the i-limb ultra is featured grasping a human hand. The i-limb ultra was quite revolutionary itself, as CNN reported, the i-limb ultra is set apart by its individually articulated digits, including a fully rotatable thumb and wrist, which affords the user a wider range of complex grips.

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