Is the Human Barbie fake? Real-Life Ken Doll Justin Jedlica thinks so.

After recently doing a photo shoot together, the 32-year-old hunk with chiseled cheekbones had few nice things to say about 23-year-old Valeria Lukyanova.

"Much of her look is added makeup, fake hair and slimming corsets," Jedlica snapped. "Drag queens have put on the same illusions for years."

Lukyanova was not happy with the comments.

"Justin said bad things about me, but he had more than 90 operations, while I had only one," the Ukranian model barked. "I am not hiding that I've had plastic surgery. I had breast implants because I want to be perfect. He would do better not to comment on who is plastic and who is not. I think he is handsome man -- but he overdid his lips."

Ever since the Human Barbie started uploading photos and videos onto her blog and YouTube, people throughout the world have questioned her seemingly impossible proportions.

In November, said the Human Barbie digitally altered her images via Photoshop in order to make her figure look more like Mattel's creation.

"Her [latest] videos aren't photoshopped. Does she still look the same?" the site asked. "Not only are her looks fake/photoshopped this girl is also mentally insane."

Lukyanova, who describes herself as an artist and singer, first grabbed headlines in April when photos went viral. Internet browsers around the world immediately said the ratio of her teeny waist and enormous chest could not actually exist The assumption was that Lukyanova had massive amounts of plastic surgery.

But the Human Barbie insisted she hadn't retouched her photos.

"Some people even spread rumors about me and retouch my pictures to hurt me. But I don't take them seriously," Valeria Lukyanova told V Magazine. "I'm even flattered! It's what success is like. I'm happy I seem unreal to them, it means I'm doing a good job."

"Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves. It's hard work, but they dismiss it as something done by surgeons or computer artists," she said. "This is how they justify not wanting to strive for self-improvement. It's how they explain their continued inaction. It's just an excuse. There are plenty of video clips on the Internet showing what I really look like."

Lukyanova, who says she is the "most famous woman of the Russian-speaking Internet" and "a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel," understands there are disadvantages to being famous.

"I know the other side of celebrity is negativity, but I see it in a positive light," she explained. "If people care about me, then I am on the right path. In real life, I never hear bad things."