If you are one of the many over eager A4 iPhone, iPad or iPod users who just couldn't wait to upgrade to iOS 6 Beta, you may be now discovering that this wasn't exactly the move you should have made right now.

Granted iOS 6 offers some pretty nice updates such as Siri, Face Time, the amazing Passbook capabilities, custom email alerts and geo-fenced alert systems plus about a million other goodies, but what many may not have realized is that the iOS 6 jailbreak currently available is a tethered jailbreak and in developer or beta format. As such it has some "bugs" still to be worked out. Additionally, there are any numbers of Cydia Jailbreak tweaks unavailable to you at this time, due to iOS 6's jailbreak infancy.

In fact, it will probably be several months before we see a really great untethered jailbreak released for A4 iPhones, iPads and iPods. Well at this point, you may be saying "That's great to know now, but how do I get my old iPhone back?"

I did a little pecking around and of course to every action there is an opposite reaction. In other words, this can be undone! You can now rest easy.

Simply follow the directions provided below by OSX Daily and before long you'll find yourself back to the old familiar iOS 5 you have come to know and love. Of course you've lost all you Cydia Jailbreak tweaks and will have to reinstall them, but at least now you know you can.

NOTE*** Those who went with the Official iOS 6 update, this method will not work. It is only for Beta users. If that informaiton becomes available I will be sure to post it! UPDATE: Read this post Downgrade from Official iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 with Redsn0w to Arrive Soon: Save Your SHSH Blob!

Downgrade from iOS 6 BETA to iOS 5.1.1

Downgrading is identical on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

1. Turn the device off, connect it to the computer via USB, and launch iTunes

2. Place the iOS device into DFU mode: with the device off, hold down the Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds then release the power button, continue holding Home button until iTunes notifies you of a device in recovery mode being detected. The devices screen should stay black as if turned off.

3. Restore within iTunes through either method a or b:

o a: Restore from the iOS 5.1.1 backup you made prior to installing iOS 6 beta

o b: Restore to iOS 5.1.1 IPSW by Option-Clicking the "Restore" button, and then restore from iCloud backup when finished

4. Let iTunes restore back to iOS 5.1.1, the device will reboot when finished

Typically you can't downgrade iOS versions so easily, but because Apple is still signing iOS 5.1.1 this allows downgrading to commence with minimal effort.

Troubleshooting the Downgrade:

If you get any strange errors (3194, 1013, etc) when trying to restore, you probably have Apple's servers blocked in your hosts file. This is relatively common for people who jailbroke a device at some point in their iOS usage. Remove any blocks to Apple's servers from /etc/hosts and try again.

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