"House of Cards" spoilers were inevitable when Netflix released all thirteen episodes of season one at the same time. If you can't wait to find out whether Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood will get promoted to Secretary of State read on for the shocking answer and plenty more "House of Cards" spoilers.

WARNING: I'm seriously not joking. The rest of this article is packed with House of Cards spoilers, so if you want to be surprised by Kevin Spacey and the rest of the cast throughout the first season and especially in the finale you should stop reading immedeatly.

Before we dive into to our favorite "House of Cards" spoilers we'll answer the question posed in our headline. Does Kevin Spacey backstab his way into the Secretary of State position? The answer is no. Instead, it turns out that Underwood never wanted that cabinet position, instead he had his eye on a much higher office, the vice presidency. As the House of Cards season one finale ends Spacey's character accepts the offer from President Walker, feigning surprise despite having orchestrated the entire thing from step one even if it meant ruining a handful of politicians careers and even murdering one congressmen in cold blood.

That's right, the wounded dog from episode one isn't the only creature Kevin Spacey's character puts out of its misery. Have we got your attention yet? Read on for more House of Cards spoilers...

We know what your next question will be: who do Kevin Spacey kill? Just give us the name already. Well if you haven't guessed the House of Cards spoiler already then we're more than happy to ruin it for you. The young and troubled Peter Russo (played by Corey Stoll) dies at the hands of Frank Underwood after spinning out of control and falling back into his alcoholism.

Here's where the House of Cards spoilers start cutting deep. Early in the season when Underwood encouraged (or more realistically forced) Russo to run for the position of Pennsylvania Governor left open by the new vice president we actually believe Spacey's character had faith in the recording alcoholic. However, as the season developed it became clear that Russo was always meant to fail.

Are you still following along? At this point it might be easier to just watch the show rather than read these convoluted House of Cards spoilers but we won't stop you. So let's keep rolling. Underwood's decision to push Peter Russo into a race he wasn't qualified for turns out to be part of a larger plan to push Vice President Jim Matthews (played by Dan Ziskie) out of the White House and back to his home state and his previous position as governor.

As the House of Cards spoilers unravel Russo's campaign falls apart as well. A night of heavy drinking followed by a live radio interview effectively kills Russo's campaign for Pennsylvania Governor. Spacey's character expected this to happen, but what comes next is a surprise even for Frank Underwood.

Major House of Cards Spoiler alert: Russo doesn't get better, as Spacey's character had planned. Instead he gets worse and worse, hiding out in his apartment and ordering more liquor straight to his door. When Underwood finally confronts Russo he threatens to go public with the entire story, including the congressman's involvement. Frank has no choice; he gets Russo drunk, waits until he passes out, and then leaves him asleep in his car in the garage with the engine running and the windows open.

You can probably guess what happens next, but if you're still confused keep reading as we wrap up these major House of Cards spoilers from season one. With Russo out of the picture and the election for Pennsylvania Governor just seven weeks away the Democratic leadership is short on ideas for who can step in and secure the seat, and the state for the 2016 national election. It's at this point that Spacey proposes the current vice president return to his home state. In order to make sure his plan works, Frank Underwood visits the president and VP separately and lies through his teeth, claiming that both running mates have insulted each other in private.

Once President Walker agrees to Underwood's plan the only thing left to do is secure his own position as the new VP. This involves plenty more backroom dealings, dark confrontations and plenty other House of Cards spoilers that we unfortunately don't have time to go into today. Just trust us when we say that Spacey's character manages to ensure his nomination to the position of VP, and when President Walker offers him the job he feigns surprise before responding with a jubilant yes.

Well, that's all the House of Cards spoilers we've got for you today, but there's plenty of side-plots to reveal. Want to hear what happens to intrepid web journalist Zoe Barnes? Does she stay loyal to Spacey's Underwood or go rogue once she gets a peek at what's really happening? And what about Underwood's wife? Will she cheat on the soon-to-be Vice President with her former lover? Tell us what House of Cards spoilers you want to see next in the comments and we promise to answer all your questions.