The "House of Cards" season 3 release date is clearly not announced yet, seeing as the season's existence itself was just confirmed Tuesday. The news comes closely ahead of the Netflix original show's season 2 premiere, which is set to hit the streaming service February 14, 2014. What do we know so far about "House of Cards" season 3?

"House of Cards" season 3 news was confirmed during a press event for the series by actress Robin Wright, who revealed that they will begin filming the third season soon. A Netflix spokeswoman confirmed the third season shortly after.

Kevin Spacey further asserted the "House of Cards" season 3 news in an interview with the Baltimore Sun on Tuesday. The political series will continue to film in Baltimore, Spacey said, as it has for the past two seasons.

"I am shooting a Season 3," Spacey told The Sun. "End of story. There is no debate."

It comes as no surprise that Netflix renewed "House of Cards" for another season. Co-executive producer Rick Cleveland previously told Gold Derby that he didn't believe the show would go past a second season because Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright like to do movies. Tell that to Wright, who, when asked if she could see the show going for eight seasons, said, "Sure, bring it on."

"House of Cards" has proven its popularity like its Netflix Original counterparts "Orange is the New Black" and "Hemlock Grove." The series has already swept up nine Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations. Actress Robin Wright won a Golden Globe this year for her portrayal as Frank Underwood's steely wife Claire.

It will likely be some time before any "House of Cards" season 3 Netflix premiere date news rolls out, but if the show is already gearing up for production, fans could see an early 2015 release.