"House of Cards" season 2 spoilers ahead! You've been warned. The second season started with a splat, as Frank Underwood kills Zoe Barnes by throwing her into an oncoming subway car. It looks like karma is a B, because the "House of Cards" season 2 finale offs one of Frank's own. It seems call girl turned Peter Russo kryptonite turned Doug Stamper's jailbird Rachel Posner was finally tired of a life of anonymity and isolation. Her solution? Fleeing into the woods and hitting Stamper (Michael Kelly) in the head with a rock. Three times. Does this mean Doug Stamper is dead?

Yes. Probably. Almost definitely, yes. "House of Cards" season 2 episode 13 ends with now-President Underwood searching for his MIA Chief of Staff. While it's not explicitly stated that "Doug Stamper is dead," one of the final scenes of the finale is Stamper's motionless body in the forest where Rachel left him as a helicopter flies on by. Yikes. "House of Cards" season 2 spoilers online agree that Michael Kelly will join Kate Mara and Corey Stoll as a victim of an untimely departure. Take a look at some of the spoilers below that undeniably deem Doug Stamper dead.

"Whoops - as that brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene near the end of the finale proves, Doug is dead as a doornail." -Entertainment Weekly

"Still, there was another death I never properly saw coming. Although one wonders how far Rachel could possibly get in that fancy-looking car." -Flavorwire

"Toward the end of his coup, Francis asks Doug Stamper to look for 'any remaining vulnerabilities,' which are eradicated shortly before Stamper's death." -Bustle

"Also, Doug Stamper: totally dead and one of the many fragile cards that just needs a gentle breeze to topple over." -Heave Media

More proof that suggests that Doug Stamper is almost certainly, likely, definitely dead comes from the "House of Cards" U.K. version. In the original version, Stamper's character died at the end of the second season. It's in a car explosion, but he dies nonetheless. Zoe's character dies in both series in different ways as well. Creator Beau Willimon and his writing team have proven that they are not shy in killing off fan favorites, which is even more of a reason why Michael Kelly is probably not going to show up in "House of Cards" season 3 with a band aid on his head and a new car.

"House of Cards" cast member Michael Kelly also appears to be moving onto other projects. Kelly will star as Jon Krakauer in the movie "Everest," set to release in 2015. "House of Cards" season 3 will reportedly begin filming soon in Baltimore, but if Kelly is off shooting a new movie in Nepal, that's likely to interfere with the Netflix series' production. Since the "House of Cards" season 3 release date is anticipated to hit the streaming service in 2015 as well, it's safe to assume Kelly isn't commuting from Maryland to South Asia. Which brings me to my conclusion: Doug Stamper is dead.