"House of Cards" season 2 spoilers don't have to be violent. Not at all: they can be romantic! It's been more than a week now since the series premiered, so I think it's now officially allowed to dive into spoilers a little more prominently. So let's talk about that crazy thing that happened near the end of the season. You know the one. The one referenced in the article title, for heaven's sake! But anyway, just in case, let's take a quick spoiler break before we consider whether Frank Underwood is gay.

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Alright, first things first. Exhibit A in the great Is Frank Underwood Gay debate: the crazy threesome he has with Meechum and Claire. The event, which took the Internet by storm, took place in "House of Cards" season 2 episode 11, and as you surely recall was very weird. It started with Meechum hurting himself on some glass and Claire patching him up. It continued with the two of them drinking large amounts of Bourbon, then with Frank coming home and being none-too-perturbed. And then it led to a kiss between Meechum and Claire, and then between Meechum and Frank. Fade away. End with Claire the next morning telling Frank, "you needed that."

It's a pretty significant scene, and one of the craziest in "House of Cards" season 2. And it leaves us questioning Frank's sexuality, not that there's anything wrong with that. Is the President of the United States in "House of Cards" gay? It seems like it could well be the case. After all, we also know that he fooled around with some of his college buddies, which they reminisced about in season 1.

It's also pretty unclear whether Frank Underwood is bisexual or gay. We haven't ever seen him sleep with Claire, which may explain her affair with Adam Galloway, but we do know she was pregnant on the campaign trail once upon a time. It's unclear if they're attracted to each other in that way. And don't count Frank sleeping with Zoe: after all, "Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power." And that was transparently the case with Zoe - Frank knew it, Zoe knew it, the American people knew it (the American people being us).

But is Frank's tête-à-tête with Meechum about power too? I would be inclined to say yes if not for Claire's off-handed comment that Frank "needed that." To me, that suggests that it really was an actual gesture of intimacy, not an exercise in control and domination over an employee. Frank gets enough of that in his daily life. Meechum is firmly in his pocket already. This was a release for Frank.

But whether it's a release from his sexual non-attraction to Claire, or just some much-needed variety, is very much up for debate. Not that there's anything wrong with that. What do you think? Gay? Bisexual? Powersexual? All of the above?