"House of Cards" season 2 news is finally starting to dribble out. Out of the mouths of babes (by which I mean Kevin Spacey) come the first real comments on the second season of "House of Cards," the hit Netflix series. It's not much, but it's something: "House of Cards" season 2 has started filming. And it may not be distributed the same way, or continue past season 2. Those decisions simply haven't been made yet.

The "House of Cards" season 2 news came out of a cast and crew panel at an Emmys "For Your Consideration" event. The panel featured Beau Willimon, the executive producer of "House of Cards," along with Kevin Spacey, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, Robin Wright, and a slew of others, not including David Fincher (who dropped out at the last minute) or Constance Zimmer.

The biggest news for hardcore "House of Cards" advocates (such as myself) is that season 2, after much teasing, has finally started shooting, once again in Maryland.

"House of Cards" season 2 production must have started very recently; as of April 20, Beau Willimon, the executive producer, would only say that production was starting soon.

But now Deadline reports that "House of Cards" season 2 production has actually started. That's big news, since the show obviously can't start airing until it has been made. TV production cycles, even for something as high budget and in-depth as "House of Cards," are relatively quick -- even "Game of Thrones" is maintaining a once-a-year season cycle -- so "House of Cards" is still on track for a premiere late this year.

"House of Cards" season 2 won't necessarily be released all in one batch, as season 1 was, and as "Hemlock Grove" was and "Arrested Development" season 4 will be. Willimon told the panel that "there has been no decision yet if Season 2 will be released simultaneously like Season 1." Nor has any decision been made about a third season.

The second season was ordered before the first season was even close to airing, so they essentially came as a package. It's unclear whether Netflix will continue with its original content experiment, which has been generally successful, or if the story of "House of Cards" will allow for it. The "House of Cards" season 2 premiere news comes in the wake of earlier news that the "House of Cards" season 1 DVD will be released on June 11. No word on special features yet, but Willimon is hopeful.

But don't quote him on that!