"House of Cards" season 2 release date news! The season is extremely close to being finished, which is great, because it can help put to rest the rumors that have been flying lately that "House of Cards" season 2 is going to be the last season of the show. We'll address where those came from, but first some better news: those rumors are bunk, and have officially been debunked by executive producer and show creator Beau Willimon. "House of Cards" season 3 is by no means certain - but it's far from impossible. I'd even say it's relatively likely. UPDATE: Netflix is now officially in talks for "House of Cards" season 3! UPDATE 2: Production is complete. Now just editing remains.

First off, "House of Cards" season 2 premiere date news: executive producer Beau Willimon officially confirmed that he had finished writing the second season; we already knew Willimon had recently finished the finale, but that didn't necessarily mean the entire season was finished. But it is. Enough so that he has time to twiddle around drawing cutesy sketches like this one:

So yea, we're getting that "House of Cards" season 2 premiere date pretty soon. December gag or not, it's probably best to keep your eyes on February 2014.

The rumors that the "House of Cards" season 2 premiere date would be its last, on the other hand, are more interesting and more pernicious. They got started at the Vancouver Film Festival, when a co-executive producer of the show mouthed off that both Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are movie people, not television people, and guy, they got things to do, and won't stick out a television show for long. It's a good soundbite. It's nonsense.

That's because - well, not because, but it doesn't help - that co-executive producer has a grudge, on account of being fired from "House of Cards" during season 1, for reasons unknown. Being a troublemaker, presumably. So he sort of has an agenda to see the show not be successful - or at least it's only nature to hope that it isn't.

And in case you don't believe random internet articles, which you may or may not, I have a better source: the actual executive producer and creator Beau Willimon, who linked to the article above to debunk the rumors: "House of Cards" season 3 is very much still in the cards. And in the houses.

That's the thing: "House of Cards" season 3 is entirely technically possible, and anyone with any sense knows that television and motion pictures generally shoot on opposite schedules, exactly so TV and film actors can do both. That's part of the reason TV seasons are shorter now, twelve episodes instead of twenty six. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright do both like doing movies (and theater). The two things just don't conflict anymore.

Whether HBO actually picks up "House of Cards" season 3 is an entirely different question, and there's no precedent for it: they've never renewed a series before (the initial "House of Cards" season 2 order was for 2 seasons from the get-go). Who knows what their metrics are? Certainly not us.

Point is, "House of Cards" season 3 is very possible. And the "House of Cards" season 2 premiere date in the next few months is even more possible - by which I mean certain.