"House of Cards" season 2 release date news indicate the Netflix original series will likely hit the streaming service in 2014, despite creator Beau Willimon's sketch tease that it would return in December. It's confirmed that Willimon finished the finale, though that doesn't mean the entire second season is complete (but it's pretty darn close). Actor Michael Kelly revealed Sunday night that he was finishing up "House of Cards" season 2 in Baltimore. A roundup of rumors, reports and the occasional cast leaks imply the White House series is wrapping up and prepping for a 2014 premiere date.

As the "House of Cards" season 2 premiere date nears, actors are starting to disclose some details on what viewers can expect come 2014. Spoilers are a rare sighting, but actress Sakina Jaffrey dished season 2 details during the 2013 Emmys red carpet. Jaffrey stars as the President's Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez. Jaffrey divulged that the cast and crew "dive back in" for a nonstop thrill-ride that is season 2.

"Surprisingly thrilling. I thought we'd have to keep the pace slow just because it's so mind-boggling what happened last year, but it's just as crazy," Jaffrey said.

As for the "House of Cards" season 2 premiere? "Oh my God. The first episode I said 'What? No way," stated Jaffrey. Speaking of "what? No way" storylines, recent spoilers suggest a "ghostly visit" from the late Representative Peter Russo. Seeing as the warped, or murderously dedicated, Frank Underwood killed Russo via carbon monoxide poisoning last season, his visit will be nothing short of haunting. TVLine reports that actor Corey Stoll who portrays Russo will possibly return for "House of Cards" season 2. It seems "House of Cards" has no intentions of slowing down or putting the brakes on its typical twisted drama. In fact, "House of Cards" season 3 is in the works. Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos officially confirmed that the streaming service is in talks with the show's creators for more "House of Cards".

"I think if you look at the original 'House of Cards,' there was a natural third season, and we could go well beyond that," Sarandos said.

"House of Cards" season 2 release date news has remained relatively quiet, but as production wraps up there is likely to be more leaks on the expected premiere. Check back for further updates on the "House of Cards" season 2 release.

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