"House of Cards" season 2 news time! It's a big week in "House of Cards" news, not least because the "House of Cards" DVD release date is upon us. Plus season 2 production is well under way, and more details about the second season are leaking out, including some new casting details.

First off, before we get into the "House of Cards" season 2 news, the "House of Cards" season DVD release date is June 11, 2013. It costs a pretty shocking $56 ($66 for the Blu-Ray), although the preorder is heavily discounted as always on Amazon. That's very pricey considering the incremental cost if you already have a Netflix subscription - i.e., zero dollars - although having it on Blu-Ray would be cool.

If you're curious why there's a "House of Cards" DVD at all, that's reasonable enough. But "House of Cards" was made for Netflix, not by Netflix: Sony Pictures Entertainment actually produced it and owns the rights, including the home media release. They'd like a little extra money. If you would not like a little extra money, go ahead and buy the DVD on June 11. It has a fancy cover and some special features you'll never watch, who cares.

First up in "House of Cards" season 2 news: some new casting decisions have come out. Molly Parker from "Deadwood" and Sam Page, Joan's ex on "Mad [People]," are both joining the season 2 cast. Right now, there's no word on who they're playing - Congressional staffers, journalists, Congresspersons. If we knew anything about the plot, maybe we'd be able to say.

Here's what we can take from the "House of Cards" season 2 news: the season is not even close to being done. Because, hello, they're casting new characters. Need to actually film them at some point. And then do post-production stuff, which will take at least a few months. I think we're still in late 2013 territory, but we'll see.

What do you think? Do you think we'll still see "House of Cards" season 2 this year? Are you more excited about "Hemlock Grove" or "Game of Thrones" season 4? What do you want to see from "House of Cards" season 2 plot-wise?