A "House of Cards" season 2 air date is coming. Unfortunately, it's not in that much of a hurry about it. In the wake of the long-awaited announcement of the long-awaited release date of the even-more-longly-awaited "Arrested Development" season 4 (May 26), it's only natural to speculate on the return of the mostly well-reviewed political thriller starring Richard III Kevin Spacey.

The "House of Cards" season 2 air date is definitely on its way, even if we don't have a release date yet. According to Beau Willimon, the executive producer of the show, production on season 2 has already begun - at least, pre-production. Script work is in progress, but the overall storyline is in place. That means actual production is still a ways off.

But he provided a little more hope for a quick "House of Cards" season 2 air date when he tweeted that the shooting schedule is quite tight, which suggests we'll get a quicker turnaround than usual on shows. Television naturally has a faster turnaround than film; a similar show, "Breaking Bad," is in production now for its last season and is airing sometime this summer.

Netflix also obviously does not want the "House of Cards" season 2 air date to conflict with its other properties, like "Arrested Development." Even though AD will drop all at once, not everyone will watch it that way, and by staggering its releases, Netflix can ensure subscribers stay subscribed, rather than popping in for a month and moving along. Netflix will also want to avoid conflicting directly with similar programs on cable, the most obvious being "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," the latter of which starts this summer. It seems reasonable, indeed, to suppose that "House of Cards" season 2 will debut shortly after "Breaking Bad" concludes, making it a convenient continuation of the "serious, but fun, genre drama" category that I just made up. So look for it in early to middle fall.

Surprisingly enough, the "House of Cards" season 2 air date won't be the only aspect of the series making news. Earlier this week, Amazon started taking pre-orders for a "House of Cards" season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray, to be released on June 11, 2013. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment isn't talking, and Amazon's dates are infamously terrible for upcoming products, but this does confirm one thing: a DVD is indeed coming.

Regardless of the "House of Cards" season 2 air date, it's worth reiterating what a wild experiment "House of Cards" was, with many doubters. And it succeeded wildly (even though David Fincher may sit out season 2, if his movie gets greenlit). That's great news for Netflix (even if it isn't their entire business or anything close to it), and it's great news for the development of the television industry.

That said, seriously, hurry up and announce the "House of Cards" season 2 air date already!