The "Homeland" season 3 finale finally marked the end of the Nicholas Brody storyline. While Brody successfully executed IRG boss Danesh Akbari and was snuck away to a safe house with Carrie, his unbelievable luck finally ran out. He was ultimately discovered by the IRG, imprisoned and publicly hanged. "Homeland" has had a very Brody-centric storyline since its conception. Following Brody's death, what can viewers expect for the future of the spy drama? Below are "Homeland" season 4 spoilers that reveal the new course the show is likely to take.

Carrie & Istanbul; Carrie & Quinn; Carrie & Baby

The "Homeland" season 3 finale flash forwarded four months, revealing a very pregnant Carrie. We know that she will be leading the Istanbul bureau in the coming season. We also know that Senator Lockhart is allowing her to choose her own people. Executive Producer Alex Gansa told TVLine that this means Quinn, Fara, Virgil and possibly Max may go overseas with her. Which brings me to my next spoiler.

Carrie and Quinn shared a moment in the season 3 finale where they discussed raising kids. Carrie's emotional allegiances have almost exclusively been tied to Brody since the beginning. With him out of the picture, could she find a new romance with Quinn? Gansa doesn't rule it out.

"I think if there is romantic energy between them it's at a very nascent state," he said. "Carrie's emotions have been engaged elsewhere, so it's unclear how she feels about him. I think it's pretty clear how he feels about her. But whether Carrie Mathison is going to be emotionally available for a romantic entanglement is another question entirely."

This could be partially tied to the fact that Carrie will lead the Istanbul bureau while potentially raising a child. Gansa says that a show about a working mother is "absolutely" a direction "Homeland" season 4 may take. It's unclear still whether Carrie will even keep the baby, and if she does, if she will take it to Istanbul or leave it with her father and sister back home. We'll have to wait and see.

Less Dana & Jessica; Less Saul?

Morgan Saylor (Dana) and Morena Baccarin (Jessica) have been downgraded from series regulars. This means Dana haters can rejoice, because we won't be seeing much of the Brody family come "Homeland" season 4. However, Gansa does disclose that viewers may still see Dana and Jessica one or two more times (probably to give closure to that storyline once and for all).

As far as the Saul Berenson storyline, now that he is out of the CIA and a private contractor, will we see less of him, too? Alex Gansa refutes that question, stating that season 4 "definitely includes Mandy Patinkin." He also reveals that Saul, despite his removal from the agency, will still play a big role in providing outsourced intelligence. Also, Carrie is likely to recruit Saul to work with her in Istanbul.

The "Homeland" season 4 premiere is set for 2014, likely in September.