The Heroes Of The Storm Nexus Challenge has succeeded in something I thought was impossible: getting people excited about playing HOTS. Even if it’s still for an Overwatch Genji skin, it’s still pretty impressive how many players jumped into Blizzard’s hectic MOBA.

Heroes Of The Storm Nexus Challenge ends Jan 4., with differing end times depending on the region. It is impossible to know when the challenge will end tomorrow so please don’t wait to play your games.

I’ve got a full write up of how to get the Oni Genji skin for Overwatch , but here’s the TL;DR.

  • Play 15 games of Heroes Of The Storm with a buddy and unlock the Oni Genji.

  • If you are looking for a buddy to play with, reddit has a bunch of people who are also looking for a group.

I am not a Genji main, so I opted out of doing the challenge. If Blizzard ever releases a “Zenyatta Challenge” then I’ll play whatever they want me to. Extra points if it’s a Hearthstone skin which turns him into Annoy-a-tron.

Once this event ends, there will be another for the 20th anniversary of Diablo . Stay tuned to IDigitalTimes for all the Overwatch news you could ever need.