While most wait at least 24 hours before jailbreaking the newest iPhone, some avid jailbreak fans couldn't wait that long.

According the Twitter page of Grant Paul, aka chpwn, it seems like he has the world's first jailbroken iPhone 5.

The jailbreaking dev-team know how anxious users are to jailbreak their new iPhone's and use iOS 6 with Cydia on their new Apple devices. However, the fact is that it might take awhile. Many jailbreak fans didn't even believe this was real, asking Paul via Twitter whether it was.

The Twitter page, which you can see here, has an image of Cydia on the iPhone 5 home screen, and tweeted "Taller screens like Cydia too."

Also, Paul tweeted a picture of Cydia running on the iPhone 5, which you can see above.

The tweet itself has been retweeted over 1,500 times, and was also retweeted by MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev-Team, which just shows its authenticity.

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iOS 6, which was released earlier this week, has been jailbroken for iPhones that have an A4 processor, meaning not iPhone 4S's and iPhone 5's. Techspot explains why the A5 and A6 processors in the new iPhones take so long to jailbreak:

"Possibly worse than the A5 though, is the A6 -- Apple's latest, heavily customized silicon. This latest system-on-a-chip will power iPhone 5 handsets (and possibly future iPads) when they arrive, posing a potentially fresh set of challenges for iPhone hackers."

However, it seems like the jailbreak isn't available for everyone yet. There are still a lot of little things that need to be worked out by the developers. But, I'm sure that everyone is still hard at work trying to jailbreak the new iPhone 5, and it seems like theres still hope that the iPhone 5, and the new A6 processor, will be jailbroken for the public soon.

Stay tuned for more news on jailbreaking the iPhone 5.