"Hemlock Grove" season 2 premiere date news has been pretty off the radar, though the Netflix horror series is confirmed to terrify fans by next year. The show is currently prepping for production ahead of its 2014 premiere date. For Netflix original show buffs, a familiar face will pop up in "Hemlock Grove" season 2. The latest news reveals former "Orange is the New Black" castmember Madeline Brewer will join the "Hemlock Grove" cast with a recurring role.

The "Hemlock Grove" season 2 premiere date will launch in 2014 like its Netflix original series counterparts "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black". Jumping from one unsettling setting to another, Madeline Brewer will ditch her "OITNB" orange jumpsuit and head over to "Hemlock Grove". According to Zap2It, Brewer will star as a graphic novelist visiting the town. The show's official Facebook page also teased a photo, hinting that Brewer's character name will be Miranda Cate. The emerging actress even teases about how her "OITNB" character, Tricia, makes the move to Hemlock Grove.

"She's escaped jail, she's put on a new persona, she's gotten through ... witness protection, even though I don't know if you can actually do that if you're an escaped convict. Now she's traveling across country as far away from Litchfield as she can get," Brewer says.

"Hemlock Grove" season 2 spoilers were spilled recently on Instagram. Executive Producer Eli Roth posted a photo from a show table read, saying that the upcoming season will have "so many cool surprises". Also revealed was additional "Hemlock Grove" season 2 casting news. Aside from Madeline Brewer, the show has picked up Charles H. Eglee ("The Walking Dead") as an executive producer.

"The worldwide fan response to 'Hemlock Grove' was phenomenal," said executive producer Eli Roth in an official press release. "Netflix members loved the potent combination of sexy monsters, mystery, and the dark family soap opera that ended with a huge twist, leaving audiences worldwide totally shocked. Season One was just a warmup for what we have in store for Season Two. Get ready to be scared in ways you never expected."

The "Hemlock Grove" season 2 premiere date in 2014 will feature a shorter season than the first, with only 10 episodes. Still, the upcoming season is bound to roll out quality episodes (the show was nominated for two Emmys). Netflix's Ted Sarandos told The Hollywood Reporter back in May that he was already hearing pitches for "Hemlock Grove" season 2 plotlines and storylines. Sarandos also addressed the Netflix original series' audience.

"Hemlock is much more polarizing; you either love it or hate it. The crossover for the people who love the show was American Horror Story, not The Vampire Diaries. It was incredibly popular in the Nordics because of the popularity of the Skarsgards [Bill Skarsgard stars] and in Latin America, where the horror genre is very big."

"Hemlock Grove" is a horror thriller which examines strange events in a tiny Pennsylvania town. The drama series is based on Brian McGreevy's novel of the same name. "Hemlock Grove" season 2 will star returning actors Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgard, Landon Liboiron, Freya Tingley and Goutray Scott. The 10-episode season will premiere in 2014.