"Hemlock Grove" season 2 premiere date news is quite hushed. In fact, neither Netflix nor showrunners have disclosed any official word on when anxious viewers can rush to their screens to binge-watch the coming season. Though, based on Netflix release trends and premiere date news for other Netflix originals, it's likely "Hemlock Grove" will hit the streaming service come 2014. Based on production details and the first season release, fans can sink their teeth into the thriller around March of next year.

"Hemlock Grove" season 2 production details have been teased on cast and crew's social media accounts. Putting together the pieces of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook tidbits, a clear puzzle can be seen in terms of the show's filming timeline. The show is currently shooting in Canada. Seeing as production has yet to wrap, the second season premiere will return mid-2014. That's purely speculation, though. Actor Landon Liboiron (Peter Rumancek) posted a set photo on Twitter on Nov. 7. It, of course, was black-and-white and eerie.

High-volume music video director and "Runaways" writer and director Floria Sigismondi will direct "Hemlock Grove" this week. Fitting, considering the Canadian-Italian filmmaker is known for her signature dilating, skittish camerawork. Watch Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" to see Sigismondi's handiwork, and what "Hemlock Grove" viewers can anticipate from the director's season 2 influence.

"Hemlock Grove" season 2 will also see some new faces. As previously reported, "Orange is the New Black" alum Madeline Brewer will join the cast as Miranda Cates, a graphic novelist entering the spooky town. Brewer isn't the only new face in town. Madeleine Martin ("Californication") joins the Netflix original series as a series regular, starring as Shelly Godfrey, the revived child of the Godfreys. Nicole Boivin portrayed the character last season.

What can viewers expect from the "Hemlock Grove" season 2 storyline? While the sophomore season will have 10 episodes, just shy of the 13-episode season 1, it is still expected to deliver just as many unnerving punches. Executive Producer Eli Roth talked to The Hollywood Reporter back in April, teasing season 2 goals.

"We wanted to make sure that we had a long-term mythology that the murder at the beginning kicks off, and the murder is an excuse to dive into the world of this town of Hemlock Grove. Once that murder is solved, which it is, it opens up a much larger mythology that gets played out over several seasons. We wanted to write something that would be deep and that would give the fans something that's worthwhile to dig into," Roth said.

Netflix is really killing it with its original series, with "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards" also only in their second season and already roping in gripped fans. Check back for updates on the "Hemlock Grove" season 2 premiere date.

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