When will "Hemlock Grove" season 2 return to Netflix? The premiere date has yet to be officially announced, but Joel de la Fuente (Dr. Johann Pryce) revealed on Twitter when fans can NOT expect the horror series to return. The "Hemlock Grove" actor responded to an eager fan on Twitter who was inquiring on the season 2 release date, stating that he doesn't know when it is (yet), but that it won't fall in March. So when will the eerie Netflix Original series hit the streaming service?

"Hemlock Grove" season 1 premiered April 2013. If the show follows the same time frame as the first season, fans can anticipate a spring 2014 release date. The show is still filming the second season. "Hemlock Grove" season 2 production details can be found, like the snippet of release date info, on the cast and crew's social media accounts. Actor Landon Liboiron (Peter Rumancek), director and executive producer Eli Roth and actress Laurie Fortier (Marie Godfrey) have all teased behind-the-scenes photos in the past week.

The "Hemlock Grove" season 2 cast will also see some haunting new faces. Madeleine Martin will join the cast as Shelly Godfrey, who was played last season by Nicole Boivin. "Orange is the New Black" alum Madeline Brewer will star as Miranda Cates, a graphic novelist entering the chilling town. The "Hemlock Grove" cast also welcomes JC MacKenzie, who will play the recurring role of Mr. Big Bad (details on this character have yet to be leaked).

"Hemlock Grove" season 2 will feature ten blood-curdling episodes. According to Roth, "season one was just a warmup for what we have in store for season two. Get ready to be scared in ways you never expected."