Who would have ever guess that a twenty-something hitchhiker's tv interview, following a case of attempted vehicular manslaughter, would ever take the web by storm.

That's exactly what happened on Monday, roughly 48 hours after Fresno police arrested Jett Simmons McBride on Saturday for allegedly using his car to violently pin a Pacific Gas & Electric employee against a truck. -- Updated: Additional reports reveal that the victim underwent emergency surgery after sustaining potentially life-threatening injuries, but is still expected to make a full recovery -- It's unclear if a prior relationship with PG&E, company employee(s), drug usage, or mental illness played any role in Saturday's attacks; however, a number of witnesses said the attacks were racially-motivated.

After striking the worker, McBride allegedly got out of his truck, and attempted to assault a nearby woman who came to check on those involved in what she thought was a terrible accident. Had he not intervened, the passenger in McBride's truck says the 54-year-old man might have continued hurting bystanders until the authorities arrived. Fortunately, the hitchhiker stepped in.

After slowing McBride -- who stands 6'4" and weighs 290 pounds according to official records -- with the blunt side of his hatchet, Kai waited on authorities, who quickly took McBride into custody and began investigating the various crimes he stands accused of.

What followed was quite possibly the greatest (unaired) television interview in history.

As an off-screen television reporter from local FOX affiliate KMPH peppered Kai with questions, the presumably twenty-something hitchhiker rattled off a series of answers seemed to channel equal parts Zach Galifianakis and Andrew W.K. in their zaniness, occasional incoherence, and overall enthusiasm.

At times bizarre and hard to follow, Kai opened the interview with a brief statement on personal value before launching into an expletive-filled breakdown of the afternoon's events. He even refers to himself as the "anti-Christ" during one particularly shocking/hilarious segment of the interview, though it's only one amongst many golden moments.

Shortly after being offered a ride by McBride, the hitchhiker (who goes by "Kai") says that the alleged attacker made openly racist comments, confessed to raping a minor while outside U.S. borders and believed himself to be the reincarnation of Jesus. It was during this tirade that Kai says McBride swerved off the road and began his attacks, which only ceased when Kai sprang into action with a hatchet he carries in his backpack. Luckily, outside of a broken leg, nobody was hurt by McBride on Saturday, and the man he injured is expected to make a full recovery.

If you haven't already, check out Kai's interview with KMPH (WARNING: NSFW language):