Has Harry Styles' grandma passed away? #StayStrongHarryStyles is trending on twitter, but some Directioners are skeptical.

On Tuesday night Twitter went into hyperdrive as millions of Directioners (fans of the British boy band One Direction) tweeted in support of band leader Harry Styles, following rumors that his grandmother had passed away. According to Wiki Answers, Harry's grandmother's name is Marina Styles.

On his own verified Twitter account, Harry Styles has made no mention of any sort of family emergency. His last tweet was posted seven hours ago and reads, "We're so excited the album is finally out and you guys can hear it! Who's had a listen and what do you think?"

Many 1D fans were quick to tweet their support for Styles, at a rate of dozens of tweets per minute:

@loving_5mofos: #StayStrongHarryStyles @harry_styles may your grandma rest in peace I know you might not see this but know that we have her on our prayers!

@haryscurlylocks: #StayStrongHarryStyles its okay babe shes lookin down smiling at you:) we are all here for you.

@elyse_anderson: #staystrongharrystyles i love you so much babe, so deeply sorry for your loss <3

@Niallsmyfuture: i know how you feel :( same thing happened to me a couple years ago :'( i still miss her.... #StayStrongHarryStyles

@SoyUnPann: #StayStrongHarryStyles I'm not a directioner but I know how it feels u.u

@StylesTerritory: All I want to do is hug Harry right now and never let him go. I'm sorry baby #StayStrongHarryStyles

Then there were the skeptics:

@Curlie_Freak: #StayStrongHarryStyles Erm that moment you realize that's not his grandmother .... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7oVF_ECEAAMIS3.jpg ...

DedicatedDirectioner: People are tweeting pictures of Harry and Niall's granda and saying its grandma Styles. Uumm...#StayStrongHarryStyles

@taylor_tyndall: #StayStrongHarryStyles I just remembered that Harry's grandmother has died twice now. I think this is just a rumor. Idk.

@1Dare_To_1Dream: we don't even have proof if Harry's grandma actually passed away...but that's SOO sad if it's true :( #StayStrongHarryStyles <3 <3

@narnia2608: But #StayStrongHarryStyles could just be a rumor and his grandma could be fangirling over the album and drinking British tea

And some people were just plain confused:

@Harry_MyAngel: Why is #StayStrongHarryStyles trending??????? Can someone explain please?!?!?!?

@LoveFromLizzie: do i even wanna know why #staystrongharrystyles is trending ?

@narnia2608: #StayStrongHarryStyles omg what happened now?

@haleyde123: #StayStrongHarryStyles Whats up wih harry??!?! anyone wanna tell me?:)

We also saw a few tweets claiming this is'nt the first time the same rumor about Grandma Style has popped up online. Hopefully that's true and this is just another Twitter death hoax.