People who regularly share their thoughts and feelings on Twitter may be sharing more than they realize about their moods. A new website, called HappyGrumpy, promises to analyze tweets to breakdown a Twitter account in four categories: happy, grumpy, neutral and emo.

Users have the choice to input their handle or the handle of a celebrity or a brand. The Twitter Account Analyzer tool allows the user to get data on an individual account but there is also a Twitter Account Comparison tool that lets users compare two accounts. The website will then analyze patterns in tweets, without asking to connect to any user account, using SENTRA, an AI/ML based emotional analysis tool.

IDigitalTimes, for example, is 9 percent happy, 7 percent grumpy, 84 percent neutral, and 16 percent emo. In addition to the mood breakdown, the tool gives you a list of interests, favorite subject, and the top chatterer.

The website also allows users to create polls. “HappyGrumpy is a new way of conducting polls,” shares the website. “It is accurate, rapid and free. You can design and execute sophisticated polls in seconds, then start sampling and tracking public views. If you need to poll or monitor public opinion, you should start using HappyGrumpy now. You can monitor public reaction by the hour, day, week or month.”

While the site currently only analyzes Twitter data, the team behind the website are working to bring the feature to other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.