Microsoft's Halo 4 is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. In the wake of releasing a new trailer that shows fans what it's like to make such an epic game, Microsoft has released more shocking news: Halo 4 multiplayer will feature class specializations that will allow people to personalize and customize the character they choose in online multiplayer.

Halo 4 multiplayer will feature eight new specialization classes Wetworks, Pioneer, Engineer, Tracker, Rogue, Stalker, Pathfinder and Operator. IGN reports that specializations will give fans 10 more levels of items to unlock that will include armor sets, skins, emblems and other personalized features. Only the Pioneer and Wetwork will be available on launch. The rest of the released as downloadable content (DLC), unless you purchase Halo 4 Limited Edition, in which case all eight classes will be immediately available.

Wetwork Spartans are stealthy. When someone is using promethean vision, Wetworks can only be identified as an outline and not a gigantic red figure. These Spartans are also able to assassinate more quickly, which means that they're vulnerable for a shorter amount of time. Despite all the stealthy capabilities of Wetworks, they still show up on radar.

Pioneers specialize in helping users gain experience points, which will be especially helpful right when the game is released. Getting to higher levels will let users obtain more special items and unlockable goods. 343 Industries promises that they've made it difficult for people to exploit what's called the "Fast Track mod" that allows people to gain experience faster. That said, gamers are always able to find ways to boost rankings, and we have a strong feeling that this specialization will make it just a little easier to do that.

Engineers will give people better reconnaissance on where weapons will be dropped. Random weapon generation both in the level and on the player's screen is being touted as one of the most important changes made to Halo 4 multiplayer. Engineers will be able to see what weapons are dropping and where they're dropping just a few seconds before everyone else. In a close battle, an important weapon could be the difference in the match.

Tracker has the ability to substitute a weapon drop. This is to counter-balance the abilities of the Engineer. Trackers basically let people regenerate their weapon choices if they don't like what's been offered up to them.

Rogues are going to be especially good for snipers. In previous games, if a sniper was zoomed in, but hit by bullets, his view would be zoomed out. With one of the Rogue specialization benefits, players will be able to remain zoomed in a subject they'd like to kill.

Stalker Spartans work primarily from close range, but have are allowed to be invisible for brief periods. The Stalker also has something called a "Nemesis armor mod" that allows the Stalker to see the last person that killed them in addition to all the enemies that have attacked but not yet killed them. That makes revenge even sweeter and easier for the Stalker.

Pathfinders specialize in carrying huge guns. Pathfinders are able to reduced the overheating that occurs on the turrets in the back of vehicles. It also allows the player to move faster if they choose to rip a turret off of its holder.

Operators specialize in operating vehicles. Previously a simple EMP would be able to stop a vehicle in its tracks, but the Operator is able to avoid some of those attacks now. It also recharges the health of a vehicle faster. This is for all the ultra-talented drivers out there.

None of the previously Halo games have featured class specializations. The previous developer of Halo, Bungie, will no longer be working on the franchise after the company parted ways with Microsoft and was eventually bought by Activision Blizzard. Microsoft's new game developer 343 Industries will be in charge of releasing the next chapter of the Halo franchise. The game will be the first to release from 343 Industries.