Halo 4's Promethean knights, snipers, and other enemies -- along with each Promethean classes' respective weapons -- have been revealed in new images released by All Games Beta.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding Halo 4's new antagonists.]

For the second weekend in a row, after 343 Studios revealed new details about the game's multiplayer gameplay at PAX West last Sunday, Halo 4 finds itself back in headlines thanks to a slew of new images revealing Halo 4's Promethean enemies and weapons. The image dump reveals a total of eight new Promethean enemy classes, and seven new weapons set to debut in Halo 4's single player campaign.

Halo 4's Promethean Alpha Crawler Promethean Alpha Crawler AllGamesBeta.com

The new images reveal four variations of the Promethean Knight, a seeming replacement for the Covenant Elites, including the Knight Commander and Knight Battlewagon - replacements for the Brute and Hunter-Killer classes respectively. All of the new characters are heavily armored, and act as commanders of sorts for the new Alpha Crawler and Crawler Snipe classes. The Promethean Knights can also summon/teleport additional minions and munitions into prolonged battles with Master Chief via the new Promethean Watcher. When not being used to teleport support personnel or supplies, the Watcher can also lend its own weapon to aid Promethean forces in battle.

The Crawlers, successor to the Grunts, and Jackal-replacing Crawler Snipes will presumably provide the cannon fodder for the continued adventures of Master Chief and Cortana, while occassionally being led into battle by slightly more powerful Alpha Crawlers.

Halo 4's Promethean Incineration Cannon Promethean Incineration Cannon AllGamesBeta.com

343 Studios remains relatively tight-lipped on all matters related to Halo 4's single player campaign, outside of the revelation that Master Chief's next adventure will take place on a Forerunner planet called Requiem. The developers have remained equally muted regarding Halo 4's gameplay, though 343 Studios did reveal that players would spend more time exploring their surroundings than in previous Halo titles.

Check out photos of all the new Promethean enemies and weapons in our gallery below:

Halo 4's Promethean Crawler Promethean Crawler AllGamesBeta.com