It's that time of the year again; time for trick-or-treats, costume parties, scary stories, horror movies and also for some serious fasting and praying. Yes, Halloween is around the corner and people are waiting to indulge in a bit of mad festivities and to explore the world of funny and creative Halloween costumes.

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated around the world Oct. 31, the eve before the feast of All Hallows (also known as All Saints' Day).

Recently a website, "Shot Hot Coffee Out of Nose," announced its list of the funniest costumes for 2012.

According to the website, the top two costumes fall under the category of "Illusion Costume." Illusion Costume is a recent costume format that gives an illusion that the wearer actually has another person or animal in tow.

The website - who claims to hate the ordinary and despise it - has rated the "Mommy I Don't Wanna Grow Up" as this year's best example of an "Illusion Costume" as it is created to give the illusion that a grown man is riding his mother piggyback style. The "Ostrich Rider" is another such costume which gives the illusion that a grown man is riding an ostrich. Both these costumes are priced under $50.

"Halloween is one of the most beloved days of the year and Americans will again go all-out to have fun and escape the mundane," said Chet Dickfield, editor of Shot Hot Coffee Out of Nose. "For one reason or another Americans revel in the chance to transform themselves for one night and many like to have some fun with their costume."

According to Chet Dickfield, this year's batch of winners are some of the most creative and well-designed costumes they've seen in over a decade.

Here are the Top 10 Funniest Halloween Costumes for 2012

1) Mommy I Don't Wanna Grow Up

2) Ostrich Rider

3) Plus Size Men's Bavarian

4) Slice of Bacon

5) Headless Butler

6) Burger King Mask from the television commercials

7) Unicorn Head Mask

8) Horse Head Mask

9) Sumo Wrestler

10) Carl Speckler- Caddyshack groundskeeper

"Shot Hot Coffee Out of Nose" is an offbeat website which sells some of the most unique gadgets, gizmos and gifts available anywhere on the Internet. According to the website, "And just to make it even more interesting we've thrown in a handful of totally bogus products....stuff that actually doesn't even exist."

This is trick-or-treat time!