H33t, a popular torrent download site went down last week as a result of its domain being seized; however, it didn't take long for the file-sharing site to set up a new alternative proxy domain at H33t.eu.

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What Happened To H33t? Torrent Site Gets New Domain H33t.Eu After Shut Down

So what happened to H33t anyway? The H33t.com domain was completely stricken from the domain registrar with all of the nameservers totally wiped out. The action was quite unexpected as the torrent download site just suddenly began disappearing out of the blue. Some people did report being able to access the site after it went down due to the DNS being cached, but soon even those traces of the H33t site disappeared as well. It seemed, however, regular users of H33t.com website were not the only ones surprised by the shut down: the website owner was also not expecting it.

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Why Was H33t Shut Down? Will The New Alternative Site Go Down As Well?

So why was the H33t.com website taken down? According to Torrent Freak, Leaseweb informed H33t.com that their registrar was being served a court order because "H33t had failed to remove certain files." Those files likely violated copyright regulations, which resulted in the file-sharing site's shut down. When speaking with Torrent Freak, Leaseweb had this to say about the shut down of H33t.com.

"We asked our registrar why we cannot add the nameservers of LeaseWeb to your account. They informed us that they regretfully forced to temporarily disable the domain name due to receipt of a court order as the registrant had not reacted upon a request to remove certain files/entries from his service ... they are currently analyzing the Court Order with the intent to have it lifted, but that may take a while".

Despite the claim that H33t.com had not taken down copyright infringing files, the owner of H33t does not agree. According to the owner, the site has not received any request of this nature. "At this point we do not know who is making the complaint, neither do we know who the Leaseweb registrar is because they have not contacted us," H33t's administrators told Torrent Freak. H33t's owner however believes his site has been shut down in a similar fashion as many other file-sharing sites such as Movie2k, Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay. The DMCA has long been in a battle to eliminate these illegal file-sharing websites that distribute copyrighted materials illegally, including movie, music and books.

Even though H33t.com was taken down, the owners have managed to set up an alternative proxy site — or rather an entirely new domain for file-sharing at H33t.eu. It is unknown if this site will also be taken down, but for now, it is reportedly up and running.

NOTE: iDesignTimes in no way condones the illegal viewing or distributing of copyrighted materials at sites such as H33t.eu, EZTV, Movie2k.sx or other torrent and file-sharing equivalents or proxies. For a list of places to watch free movies online legally, check out our resources here.


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