A GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release date could be right around the corner, at least that's what one industry analyst is telling clients. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian recently told investors that a GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release will occur in 2014 as a way to "help extend the value of the franchise."

This is a franchise that has already made over $1 billion in sales, so its value shouldn't really be in question. But it certainly is in Rockstar's best interest to sell fans GTA V twice. In discussing the GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release date, Sebastian mentioned the already stellar sales for GTA V but cautioned that the numbers could plateau.

"We are now modeling 13-14 million units shipped in F2Q. We believe there is still potential upside to our targets," he said. "However, given the possibility that sales of GTA are front-loaded, we will await further sales data before adjusting our expectations further."

Basically, GTA V is selling a sh-tload of copies RIGHT NOW because everyone wants the game so they're out buying it. But that game might not see increased sales down the road which, to investors, doesn't help the long term portfolio rubrics of commerce capitalism dollars facts (I'm a games writer, OK?!?). So a long term strategy clearly means some sort of GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release.

A GTA V Xbox One release date has been confirmed (kind of) by Danish retail site Coolshop. The retailer has a pre-order page for a GTA V Xbox One release date version listed on their site. Is this positive proof

that a GTA V Xbox One release date is happening this year? Obviously not. But the pre-order page remains online so it's not a mistake.

We've also seen a bit of evidence that the GTA V PS4 release is in the works. A Pastebin file leaked last week revealed that, in the code for the game, there were references to a platform called "orbis." PS4 fans may remember that this was one of the codenames used in development and it makes sense that Rockstar would be calling the PS4 the Orbis during a development stage.

So when is the perfect time for a GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release date? It's very unlikely the game will be out by year's end, and even spring 2014 seems like it may be too soon from Rockstar's perspective. There is already speculation that a GTA V PC release will occur sometime next summer, which may just be the perfect time for a GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release. It gives the current gen version plenty of time to sell every single last copy they can, as well as let GTA Online (which we haven't seen yet) show whether or not it can succeed.

It also plays well into their key demographic: students. While the game is rated 'M' that's hardly a barrier for millions of kids whose parents just want to get them the game their friends are playing. Not to mention the millions of college students who are also enjoying some GTA V bliss right now. And after the next-gen systems launch and are out for several months, and the library grows, we'll likely see the Xbox One and Ps4 sales increase steadily in 2014.

And if a GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release occurs in the summer of '14 that means millions of potential customers could revisit the game with an entire summer vacations worth of days ahead of them. Add to the mix updated graphics and a (hopefully) thriving online scene and it seems like the right time for a GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release date.

I just hope that a GTA V Xbox One and PS4 release happens eventually because, as I play the game, I can't help but fantasize how incredible it would look with a proper next gen port. GTA V already achieves more on my Xbox 360 than I ever thought possible, it's a gigantic game with incredible graphics and virtually no load times. It's a classic that deserves a next-gen treatment. Especially since without one it would add an incredible amount of time to the lifespan of the current gen systems.