It's always cute when the mainstream media catches up to a video game. Lately, the GTA V stock market money cheat is making headlines because of a movement unfolding on Reddit that is attempting to manipulate prices in the kind of insider trading schemes normally reserved for ACTUAL insider trading schemes. New York Magazine and The Verge have published stories about the infamous Pisswasser insider trading scheme that sprung up on Reddit over the weekend.

According to official sources no one made money, but I know two people who took advantage of the sale and made millions. Depending on who you talk to and when they bought in to Pisswasser there was money to be made. Of course, the Pisswasser GTA V stock market money cheat has come and gone, but its spirit lives on in the subreddit /r/GTAMarket. If you're looking to exploit the GTA V stock market that's as good a place as any to start and see what the next organized move will be. There's alsoa GTA V stock market money cheat discussion going on over in the official GTA V forums too.

But the key to unlocking the GTA V stock market money cheat isn't just in watching social media for insider trading games. Far from it, actually. GTA V already has a built-in system that, if properly manipulated, can yield BILLIONS of dollars. If you're looking for the ultimate GTA V money cheat then look no further than the Lester missions.

Here's how it works. Franklin eventually gets to do some missions for Lester that directly influence stock prices in a big, big way. If you've already got access to these missions in GTA V then DON'T DO THEM!! The key to exploiting the GTA V stock market money cheat is to have a lot of cash to invest. And in GTA V you don't get your big pay day until you finish all the story missions. After the final heist you'll have millions to invest and that's when you need to dive in as Franklin and do the Lester missions.

There is one Lester mission which needs to be finished before you can complete the main story. It's a Hotel Assassination mission that affects the price of Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET). Invest all your cash (and all of Michael and Trevor's cash) in BET before finishing the mission. According to several sources online the return is somewhere around 80 percent. Meaning if you invest $100k you'll get back $180k. Got it? Good. No go finish story mode so you can get the $25 millionish payday from the final heist.

The remaining GTA V money cheat missions yield much higher returns. After finishing the main game have Franklin go see Lester. He'll give you a mission that will benefit Debonaire (DEB) on the LCN Stock Exchange. According to Trade In Detectives the optimum wait time after completing the missions to sell DEB is 16 minutes ( 8 in-game hours) and will give you another 80 percent return. If you invested all $25 million you end up with a return of $20 million. Now you're looking at $45 million as you start the next step in the GTA V stock market money cheat strategy.

Before taking the next Lester mission, invest your $45 million into Redwood (RWC) also on the LCN stock exchange. It takes 48 in-game hours for RWC to peak so after you finish the mission go to your safe house and save the game multiple times to advance the clock until it's 48 hours later. Then prepare to soil yourself with joy pee. Because RWC will have gone up 300 percent. That means your $45 million investment gives you a return of $135 million. Combined you now have $180 million! But the GTA V stock market money cheat doesn't stop there, oh no. There's even more wealth to be had courtesy of your new best friend, Lester.

The next mission in the GTA V money cheat has you doing some illegal things to increase the price of Fruit (FRT) on the Bawsaq market. Your investment will peak at about 50 percent soon after completing the mission. Now your $180 million has become $270 million. Not too shabby. Invest it all in Facade (FAC) on Bawsaq and advance the game by two days. You'll get a 30 percent return. Your $270 million now becomes $351 million. Drooling yet?

The fourth Lester mission in the GTA V stock market money cheat will prompt you to invest in Vapid (VAP) in the Bawsaq market. But only do this AFTER completing the mission because the price will have fallen. Wait two in-game days and you'll see a whopping 100 percent return. Welcome to the luxury world of having $702 million dollars.

You're almost done with the GTA V money cheat. Before starting the final mission for Lester invest everything in Goldcoast (GCD) on the LCN market. After you complete the mission the stock price will rise 80 percent. And you will find yourself in command of more than $1.2 billion dollars. Not enough to save the world from Dr. Evil, but plenty of money to buy everything in the game. And if you've remembered to do it with Michael and Trevor too you now have three billionaire criminals to wreak havoc with.

Fans are waiting to see what happens when the GTA V stock market goes live in GTA Online. Obviously Rockstar is aware of how easily it can be manipulated and may be taking steps to change it. There are already rumors that a patch for GTA V has changed some of the investment returns on the missions listed above, so if the numbers don't add up let us know in the comments.

Either way, the GTA V stock market money cheat is the best way to max out your wallet and afford every single thing you want in GTA V and still have money leftover. What to do with your remaining millions?

I hear Pisswasser might make a comeback ...

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