As we inch closer to the GTA V release date (September 17, for the fresh-from-the-coma fans) we're going to see an uptick in the GTA V spoilers being given to fans. There are currently a TON of new GTA V spoilers floating around the world wide web, including GTA V spoilers about the map reveal, the soundtrack and radio stations, dogs and other animals and, of course, the tantalizing mystery shed we saw in the gameplay trailer that came out on July 9. For a refresher, let's take a look at that GTA V gameplay trailer and feel that warm, fuzzy feeling from seeing a game that looks EPIC:

GTA V Gameplay Trailer

Mmmm ... delicious open world mayhem. Sept 17 can't get here fast enough. But, in the meantime, let's devour the GTA V spoilers feast that has been laid before us from the info in the gameplay trailer, interviews, screenshots and more.

GTA V Spoilers: The Mystery Shed

This isn't really THAT much of a spoiler, but it's enough of a GTA V spoiler for me to want to talk about it here. The Shed. I'm capitalizing the "S" in shed because The Shed is becoming important. Over on Reddit, where basically the whole internet happens, gamers have been going cray-cray over The Shed. In case you missed it, here's a pic of The Shed resting atop the enormous mountain in the above trailer.

GTA V Spoiler Mystery Shed Because it's there, that's why. (Photo: YouTube)

Uproxx put together a nice piece on The Shed and followed the Reddit frenzy rather nicely. Redditors speculated that The Shed is either full of parachutes, a ski lift stop or the storage unit for a jetpack. Among the funnier theories: The Shed is offering Edward Snowden asylum, it's the location of Half-Life 3 and it's the destination for the blimp.

The great thing about The Shed isn't what IS inside, it's what COULD be inside. GTA V is looking to be a MASSIVE game (more on its massive giganticness below) and The Shed has given thousands of gamers a Day One destination. I plan on trekking Skyrim-style to the tip of the mountain and trying to find out what's inside. No matter what it is I'll turn around, enjoy the breathtaking view, and then hurtle myself into a massive freefall that hopefully ends with me crushing a hooker. (the way every great freefall ends, right Eliot Spitzer? #greatreference)

So, why am I considering this a spoiler? Because it basically ruined (i.e. spoiled) any chance I have of organically enjoying my first few hours with the game. Flimsy definition of a GTA V spoiler? Sure. But it was a fun little detour, wasn't it?

Moving on!

GTA V Spoilers: Newest Map Reveal Shows Massive Giganticness

GTA V will be the biggest game Rockstar has ever produced. How big? Last year, Kotaku reported on how Rockstar was bragging that GTA V will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and San Andreas COMBINED. They even ran an article with a helpful math book style graphic to give you a sense of what that scale means. But the helpful graphic from Kotaku has been outdone by the GTA V spoiler map reveals created by dedicated fans. The first map I came across in my months of following GTA V spoilers was this fan-made one that attempted to recreate the map by using screenshots and locations found in real life Los Angeles (the city Los Santos is based on).

GTA V Spoiler Map Fan made, so you know it's 100% accurate. (Photo: Imgur)

Pretty nifty. Especially when you take a look at all the work that went into creating that early GTA V spoiler. But then fans stepped up their cartography game and decided to work on a map that showed the topographical layout of the GTA V world:

GTA V Spoiler Map 2 Topography. It's not just for Google Maps anymore. (Photo: Imgur)

And NOW, another intrepid GTA V fan on Reddit has taken an updated version of the fan-made GTA V map and placed the GTA: San Andreas map over top of it to give gamers yet another visual representation for what's become common knowledge: GTA V IS F-KING HUUUUUGE!!!

GTA V Spoiler Map 3 We get it. It's big. (thatswhatshesaid) (Photo: Imgur)

Other than not specifically pointing out where The Shed is, I'd have to say this map looks pretty accurate. Granted, since it's not an OFFICIAL map it might have a few things missing or be out of scale, but on the whole it looks like a decent enough job. And, as far as GTA V spoilers go, this would be a big one if it was 100% accurate. I really don't think Rockstar wants fans getting their eyes all over the complete map before the game comes out, especially if the map isn't revealed when you start the game. After all, you must find The Shed, not have The Shed presented to you. And if you're going to be cruising around exploring you're gonna take part in a classic GTA experience: the radio.

GTA V Spoilers: Soundtrack And Radio Stations Revealed

Update: A MASSIVE hack on a PSN file revealed the bulk of the GTA V soundtrack. Go ahead and listen to the whole thing!

It's tough to overestimate the importance of the GTA V soundtrack. The whole thrill of GTA is getting to feel like a super-cool-Fonzie-meets-the-Punisher-style invulnerable criminal bada$. And we all want that Tarantino-esque moment of doing something incredibly hardcore whilst accompanied by a song we didn't even know was perfect until we heard it. Like this (NSFW) :

Fortunately, there have been a few GTA V soundtrack spoilers the last few months, and it looks like we're getting a heavy dose of hip-hop this time around.

One soundtrack-related GTA V release date spoiler has surfaced courtesy of hip-hop star Tyler The Creator himself. A few months ago the hip-hop maestro teased fans on his "Tyler Haley" Facebook page with the following message:

You Might Possibly Hear A Wolf Track On GTA V

"Wolf" was Tyler The Creator's latest album that released back in April on Odd Future Records. No word on which track might be appearing in the game, but our money is on "Rusty."

I don't know if anything can top the epic Vice City soundtrack, and GTA fans have since had high expectations for the music in each game. Good news for fans of hip-hop star The Game, though. It looks like he'll be a part of the GTA V soundtrack, based on some fan art posted to the Money Gang Facebook page. The image shows The Game wearing a GTA V hoodie, and it looks consistent with other artwork from previous games. There's even a Rockstar logo on the pic. Does this mean he's in? VideoGamer thinks so. They revealed that The Game told Wired 96.5 that he had done "a little bit of work" with Rockstar on GTA V. Since The Game lent his vocal talents to GTA: San Andreas as Mark "B-Dup" Wayne, there's no reason to doubt the rumor he would return in some capacity to work on GTA V.

Another artist fans are anticipating making sweet musical love to the GTA soundtrack is The Alchemist. Once again, this is an artist with prior ties to Rockstar, as The Alchemist worked on GTA: Chinatown Wars. The GTA V spoiler about his work was released by Pinoytutorial, which uncovered a tweet from the rapper in which he claimed to be working on the original score for the game. The Alchemist, and his collaborator Oh No, provided ten songs for the GTA expansion Chinatown Wars in-game radio. Rockstar obviously approves of his work, and if he's hinting he's part of the process again then I'm inclined to believe him.

There is also a non-rap related GTA V spoiler soundtrack rumor out there. Gameranx reported on a tweet sent out by surf rock band Wavves that seemed to indicate the band was a part of the GTA V soundtrack. Take a listen and decide if you think Wavves would be a good fit for the GTA V soundtrack (I think they would based on their twisted music videos alone)

GTA V Spoiler: Soundtrack Artist - Wavves

Of course, we can't experience the GTA V soundtrack without some GTA V radio stations. And in the world of GTA V spoilers radio stations are definitely big news. Two artists have confirmed that they are receiving their own radio stations in the game. Electronic music producer Flying Lotus confirmed at a concert in April that his station, FlyLo, would be on the soundtrack and likely will feature some West Coast electronica. Another radio station, helmed by GTA IV contributor Kavinsky, will be called Nightride FM. It will feature his original work (like Nightcall) as well as track from different artists selected by Kavinsky as well.

GTA V Spoiler: Soundtrack Artist - Kavinsky

UPDATE: Found a playlist on one of the fan forums that's compiled all the music heard in the various GTA V trailers so far. Enjoy!

No word yet on any kind of country/bluegrass/hillbilly radio station (except for the Waylon Jennings song we got in the trailer), but I'm guessing that when we play as Trevor there will be appropriate tracks on the radio for him, too. Speaking of Trevor (see what I did there?) let's talk about another GTA V spoiler that's come out recently ... A CUSTOMIZABLE DOG NAMED CHOP!!! (Who is actually Franklin's dog, not Trevor's. Props to the fans in the comments section for pointing out the error.)

GTA V Spoiler: Customizable Dog Will Teach You Responsibility!

Alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts dog character; it seems like the latter half of 2013 might define it as Year of the Dog. (Year of the Bow had a nice run). But according to numerous reports, this GTA V spoiler is more Tamagatchi than Mr. Burn's infamous hounds. Your dog in GTA V is named Chop, but outside of the assigned name it looks like players will be able to customize a number of features on the canine. Certain aspects of his appearance (though its unclear what) will be changeable, as will things like his collar and leash. Chop acts like a pet to Franklin, and it's possible to lose him or even (gasp!) lose him to the big fire hydrant in the sky. (Maybe it's in The Shed?!?) Like in real life, you can swaddle your grief in the love of a NEW pet, purchased at any number of Los Santos area pet stores.

GTA V is giving fans more than just a customizable dog. According to the latest GTA V spoilers, there will be 15 different animals in the game and, based on the gameplay trailer, those animals will be just as susceptible to bullets and bombs as the hookers are. It'll be interesting to see how the wildlife AI behaves. If GTA V can capture just some of the magic that made Far Cry 3's wildlife so unpredictable and vicious then it will add another layer of fun to a game that already looks like its going to ruin countless lives /jobs/relationships.

How else will GTA V swallow every second of your free time like a Sarlacc crack whore? By giving you tons and tons and tons of customization!

GTA V Spoiler: Customize Cool Cars, Crazy Guns, Sick Tattoos And ... Sensible Investments?

The customization GTA V spoilers have barely scratched the surface of all the different options we'll have at our disposal for making our cars, characters and guns as cool as possible but from what we know so far it looks like GTA V is going back to the ways of GTA: San Andreas and giving players a LOT of input in how they want their experience to be.

For starters, GTA V car customization is back in a big way. And it goes beyond just looks. According to a report from GamenGuide, the actual physics of each vehicle in the game are unique and change depending on which customization options players opt to install on their hooptie. Here's what Rockstar said in an email to a fan who asked about the GTA V cars.

Rest assured we haven't created 'arcade' controls for driving. Vehicle physics will vary from car to car and performance characteristics are modifiable by purchasing parts and customizing your cars in LS Custom shops. A highly tuned, high end sports car, for instance is going to have much better traction cornering at high speeds than, say a mid range car or an SUV."

"We only provided a small glimpse in to the official gameplay video showing car physics and the team at Rockstar North have put tremendous effort into making sure that driving is fun than it's ever been in a Grand Theft Auto game. We believe you'll like the way vehicles drive come September 17th.

GTA V vehicle customizations include body kits, paint jobs/finishes, wheels, exhaust tips, window tints, tire smoke color, bull-bars, extra lights, brakes, engine tuning, suspension, horns, bulletproof tires, panel armor and more. There are said to more than 1,000 car customizations total. Damn.

Of course, "auto" is only one aspect of Grand Theft Auto. And if you're going to pulling some grand theft, you need the iron to back it up. Fortunately, the latest GTA V spoilers reveal that gun customization will be a major part of the weapons system. Game Informer interviewed GTA V's lead mission designer Imran Sarwar about the weapons system, and he confirmed that there won't just be a variety of guns, but a variety of ways to mod your guns for maximum fire power.

"Ammunation makes its return in GTA V, but now you can indeed customize your weapons. The player has access to a wide range of modifications, such as extended clips that allow you to fire more ammo between reloads, grips to improve your accuracy, weapon tints to color your guns, flashlights, scopes, and suppressors," he said. "Attachments such as suppressors allow the player to adapt their approach to some missions and take a stealth option. It¹s all part of broadening the range of tactical options for the player."

After customizing your car and your weapons, you'll still have plenty of other things to spend your hard-earned cash on. The latest GTA V gameplay trailer hyped two very different investment paths for gamers. Tattoos were seen being applied to Trevor in the GTA V gameplay trailer, but no word yet on whether or not the tattoos actually do anything, i.e., stat boosts. It'd be great if they did, but based on all the GTA V spoilers we've seen so far I'm not going to accuse the game of lack of depth if the ink is just decorative.

Along with tattoos, though, the GTA V gameplay trailer also revealed that stock and real estate investments were available for players too. Snatching up real estate (i.e. safe houses) isn't new to GTA V, but stock investments are. Again, not a lot of details about how those systems work are available, but it'd be great if you could sabotage rival companies and send their stock plummeting.


This was one helluva GTA V spoilers roundup. But I think it's a testament to how enormous the game is going to be because, after recapping ALLLL that information, I feel like there is still a lot of stuff for us to discover on the GTA V release date. And I'm honestly looking forward to the kinds of things hardcore fans start to post online, because I'll never get tired of watching sick gaming vids like this one:

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