A GTA V PC release date would be music to many gamers ears, but so far Rockstar has stayed silent on the matter. That doesn't mean there isn't plenty of GTA V PC release date speculation bouncing around the interwebs with the fervor and fury of only the craziest of conspiracy theories. Unlike sasquatch videos, though, this story actually matters. A GTA V PC release date would potentially generate millions in sales for Rockstar, and it's all but certain that GTA V will come to the PC eventually, right?

Two new GTA V PC release date leaks seem to confirm this common sense notion. The first comes from E3 insider, a pseudo-official arm of the E3 event itself. GTA V fans know that Rockstar won't be representing at this year's convention, but that didn't stop E3 insider from listing the game on their site as an Xbox 360, PS3 AND PC title. Gamepur.com reported on the listing, and even have a screenshot of it since it has since been taken down. Obviously, the retraction of the listing makes it tougher to believe this is iron-clad proof of a PC version, but E3 insider gets a lot of its info straight from industry sources. So, it might be common knowledge within Rockstar that a GTA V PC release date is coming soon, but they might not want the word to get out until they have a firm timetable for release.

E3 Insider isn't the only site listing a GTA V PC version online. The down-under arm of IGN, IGN Australia, also claims a PC version is in the works alongside the confirmed Xbox 360 and PS3 versions due out on Sept. 17. IGN is privy to a lot of inside info a lot of other sites aren't since they are among the biggest video game news sites around, so if they're anticipating a GTA V PC release date, then odds are the rest of us should too.

And, when it comes to the actual GTA V PC release date, we actually have some decent info. A report by PC Gamer has a pretty good handle on the GTA V PC release date. PC Gamer used a bit of mathematical wizardy to try and predict the GTA V release date for PC:

If we look at all games in the Grand Theft Auto series since Vice City, we can see that it's about 462 days, on average, between the announcement of the game and the announcement (not release) of the PC version. It's a slightly more reasonable 212 days between the first console release and the PC release.

If we take the average time between console and PC announcement and add it to GTA 5′s original announcement date of October 13, 2011, that should have put the PC release date announcement around January 17, 2013. No such luck. Assuming they're going to make us wait just as stupidly long as they did for GTA 4 (821 days from the first E3 tease, for the record), we'll be hearing about a PC release date around January 11, 2014. Every main series entry since Vice City has failed to announce a PC ship date until after the first console version shipped.

On the off chance that Rockstar makes us wait as long for a PC announcement as they did on GTA 4, and as long between PC announcement and PC release as they did on San Andreas, we've been shoved back to July 4, 2014.

Since July 4, 2014 is a Friday, adjust the formula and you can expect a GTA V PC release date of either July 1 or July 8, the two closest Tuesdays to PC Gamer's prediction.

I think PC Gamer is right on the money with their timetable. I definitely don't think we'll see a PC Version of the game this year, or a next-gen version for that matter. Rockstar is going to focus on getting as many current generation system owners to buy the game as humanly possible (there are around 150 million total for them to go after) and then focus on getting it on to the next-gen consoles and PCs.

Although when it finally does hit PC, I am looking forward to the insane mods that will follow soon after. The recent Iron Man mod for GTA IV was enough to get me daydreaming about what could be in store for the GTA V PC release date.

So, assuming GTA V comes to the PC, what next? What kind of hardware will you need to run the game? A report on The BitBag sheds some light on what, exactly, PC users should expect if they want to run GTA V at full capacity. Here are the specs required to run the most recent Rockstar title, Max Payne 3:

Windows 7/Vista (64 bit)

Intel i7 3930K 6 Core x 3.06 GHZ or AMD FX8150 8 Core x 3.6 GHZ

16GB System RAM

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680 2GB RAM or AMD RadeonTM HD 7970 3GB RAM

Remember, those are the specs for the MAXIMUM output for Max Payne 3. By comparison, here are the minimum system requirements, straight from Rockstar's website:

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)

Intel Dual Core 3GHz or AMD equivalent

3GB System RAM

NVIDIA® GeForce 450 512MB RAM

or AMD RadeonTM HD 4870 512MB RAM

Of course, Windows 8 has since been released since Max Payne 3 so we won't know if a GTA V PC version will run on Windows 7/Vista/XP too until Rockstar announces that they are working on a PC version. But probably yeah, because Windows 8 kinda sucks.

Of course, even though there's no official GTA V PC Release date yet doesn't mean fans aren't hoping for the best on Twitter:

"Contemplating whether or not I should wait for the PC release of GTA V or buy it for my Xbox 360 that I never touch #FirstWorldProblems" tweeted @DaBurmaPrince.

"Hint of GTA V (PC version) leaked on E3 website. Excited, anyone?" wrote @MardanaPunjaban

"Should I pre-order a console version of GTA V or wait for the PC one? #wondering" said @neecoke.

"GTA V PLZ to PC ASAP <3 Logitech," tweeted @Logitech.

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