Rockstar just announced the GTA V official trailer will be released online on Thursday, August 29. While there has been no shortage of GTA V trailers featuring everything from character backstories to weird religious cults, the Official-with-a-capital-O trailer is something of a landmark in the lead up to the GTA V release date on Sept. 17. Here's what Rockstar told fans on their blog today:

The Official Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will debut here at the Rockstar Newswire and on the GTAV site this Thursday, August 29th. Details on exact timing forthcoming...

Most of Rockstar's previous video drops have occurred around 10 a.m. EDT, so we can likely expect the GTA V official trailer release sometime around brunch time on Thursday. Of course the big question is what will we see in the GTA V official trailer that we haven't seen already and, for some of us, have we already SEEN the official trailer?

Earlier today, a European gaming site called LeaderGamer posted what became known as the GTA V Gangster trailer. You can view the page, but the video has since been taken down and replaced with an editor's note that (loosely translated) says "Rockstar yelled at us and they're Rockstar and we're just some gaming site that got bullied into removing this video under the guise of being polite and professional although we probably saw more traffic from that video in one day than we've seen all month." Ok, maybe not all that, but you get the idea. These guys went rogue and posted something that Rockstar absolutely, positively wanted scrubbed from the Internet and then, moments later, Rockstar tells us the GTA V official trailer is coming in two days.

So, what can we make of this? Was that GTA V gangster video the official trailer? For those who didn't see the trailer I can say that it is kind of a "Cops" parody titled "The Underbelly of Paradise." It's got a grainy security cam look to it and basically profiles the various gangs and activities we'll see in GTA V. It wasn't anything too surprising or that we wouldn't have expected from the GTA V official trailer, so it's strange Rockstar took the steps to get it pulled from the internet since they let basically everyone run with the GTA V soundtrack spoilers that leaked over the weekend.

I guess we'll find out what the GTA V official trailer looks like on Thursday when Rockstar reveals the official GTA V trailer. In the meantime, please enjoy all of the trailers Rockstar has released so far:

GTA V Official Trailers (But Not THE Official Trailer)

GTA V Official Gameplay Trailer

GTA V Online Official Trailer

GTA V Official Trailer For Michael

GTA V Official Trailer For Franklin

GTA V Official Trailer For Trevor


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