We've already seen reports of fans recreating the Los Santos map from GTA 5 through leaked screenshots and side-by-side comparisons Los Angeles (the city Los Santos is based on). I guess if you stare at screenshots long enough, you can start to pull information from them in a quasi-Psych fashion. Seriously, the map they've construced so far is really impressive.

Not to be outdone, CVG.com has put together a video recreating a play-by-play of two full missions from GTA 5, once again based on screenshots. It's a bit long, but it really gives you a sense of how crazy Rockstar wants to get in the final GTA game for the current generation of console systems. Here's the full video:

The first mission discussed is a kidnapping mission that sends the game's three protagonists (Franklin, Trevor and Michael) to the FiB building in Los Santos. Based on screenshots, it appears that players get to steal a helicopter and take it to and from the mission. Players then get to scale the building, bust in, kidnap the target and escape in a plane-and-helicopter chase sequence that, according to the Game informer article, is just one of many big-time heists in store for GTA 5.

The second mission is a little more speculative, but it looks as though there's a mission that involves making Trevor (one of three main characters) fly a HUGE cargo plane and drop a Jeep out of the back. Another screenshot shows Franklin racing behind a smoking, smouldering plane on a dirt bike. Is he racing to pick up the cargo? Or running away from some heat? His motives are unclear. What is also unclear is whether or not screenshots showing fighter jets shooting down other planes is part of this mission, or if it's part of another mission altogether.

Although the video may not make it perfectly clear what these two missions will entail, Rockstar has made it perfectly clear that GTA V will be about one thing: heists. In an IGN article, the company stated that much of the mission design for GTA 5 will be based on the popular "Three Leaf Clover" mission from GTA 4. So, expect lots of multi-tiered levels that involve tense situations and wild chases that require multiple vehicles.

In other words, expect to have mind-blowing amounts of fun.