The GTA 5 release date for PC, Wii U, Xbox 720 and PS4 remain a mystery, although we already know when the game will debut on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Recent reports suggest that Rockstar's parent company Take Two could leak the news at their investors meeting next month. Read on for more GTA 5 release date news.

Will the GTA 5 release date for PC, Wii U, Xbox 720 and PS4 arrive in 2013? Or will computer and next-gen gamers be forced to wait until 2014 to experience the upcoming LA-based "Grand Theft Auto" title? Rockstar has already confirmed that the game will come to PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, but an announcment concerning other consoles could occur on May 16, when Take Two interactive is scheduled to hold an investor call event, Examiner reports.

So will the GTA 5 release date for PC, Wii U, Xbox 720 and PS4 be announced next month? The new-site notes that the gaming company has used similar events in the past to make big announcements their consumers are dying to hear, so there's still hope we'll get a full schedule for the "Grand Theft Auto: V" launch by mid-May 2013.

InEntertainment reports that the GTA 5 release date for PC, Wii U, Xbox 720 and PS4 will arrive in 2013, though they note that they are keeping their "finger's crossed" while they wait for confirmation:

"While the GTA V release date is scheduled for the 17th September gamers can expect the next-gen versions to arrive later this year, although we are unsure how long after the new consoles launch.

"Considering the gap between instalments Grand Theft Auto games are very popular and GTA 5 on next-gen consoles will be an ideal way to branch out in sales with a multi-platform title that could attract many gamers to the new systems."

Why does the GTA 5 release date for PC and next-gen consoles even matter? Most hard-core gamers and "Grand Theft Auto" fans most likely already own a PS3 or Xbox 720, right? Wrong. There's an elite and snobby class of hard-core gamers who value enhanced graphics over all else and bow before their own true electronic king, the PC.

The GTA 5 release date for PC remains a rumor, though a large number of non-console gamers have spoken out online, banding together to demand the new "Grand Theft Auto" title launch on computers as well. Rockstar has yet to confirm the game will be available on PC by September 17.

Why harp on the GTA 5 release date for PC? Here's Society and Religion's explanation:

"It's a bit of a no-brainer to pick the PC platform over PS3 and Xbox 360.

"You pay a premium for a PC because you get a much better experience.

"As someone previously mentioned, why resort to horrible textures, models, resolution and aliasing just to get the game a few weeks or months earlier? Buying a console would involve:

"Shelling out £200-300 on a console which will become obsolete within a year. Then shelling out £40-50 on GTA 5 for the console, as well as £30-40 on the PC version when it comes out.

"In conclusion, you're spending hundreds just to acquire a game a bit earlier than those who aren't impatient. What will that get you? - sub par graphics which look horrible compared to PC."

The GTA 5 release date for Wii U is also a hot topic, since the new Nintendo system is already out and in desperate need of some good games to keep console sales afloat. Furthermore, the Wii U's tablet controller could bring a whole new dimension to the "Grand Theft Auto" experience.

"On the smaller screen you could navigate tabs that would display the map, allow you to equip weapons and items, view statistics, look at character profiles and mission objectives, etc all without pausing the game," writes S&R.

The GTA 5 release date for PC, Wii U, Xbox 720 and PS4 remain unknown for now, but we're holding out hope that by May 16 we'll know for sure that the next "Grand Theft Auto" title is coming to all systems (and not just the outdated PS3 and Xbox 360) before the end of 2013.

Even the GTA 5 release date for PS3 and Xbox 720 may be to far away for impatient fans. Just last week we noted that "Grand Theft Auto:V" wouldn't hit stores for exactly five months, and while the launch continues to draw closer we can't help but harp on the days when Rockstar allegedly promised the new game would be available to play this spring (AKA right now!).

News that the GTA 5 release date was set for september and not spring 2013 sent shock waves through the gaming community, with hardcore gamers calling out for justice as others developed complex conspiracy theories to explain the disappointing announcement.

One GTA 5 release date conspiracy actually gained so much attention that Rockstar had no choice but to issue a public response:

Hey all, we understand many of you guys are disappointed with this news - unfortunately sometimes such delays are necessary in all forms of entertainment, and especially in the case of a game experience as massive and complex as GTAV. However this does not give you free reign to be abusive in comments. The general rules of common courtesy, decency and behavior as listed above the Comment Box still apply here, therefore anyone continuing to post abusive comments will have their privileges suspended.


To those of you saying or seeing various conspiracy theories about there being some other ulterior motive for this delay, rest assured that they're all nonsense - literally the only reason we've delayed the release is because we want the game to be as good as it needs to be.

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