There are lots and lots and lots of GTA 5 leaks out there. (For a rundown of ALL the spoilers so far, click here.) And for good reason, as Rockstar has kept its lips puckered tighter than Triple-Thick-Milkshake Fish Face when it comes to official details. OK, maybe not THAT tight, since they did give us a pretty big article in Game Informer. For die hard GTA 5 fans, though, that article just wasn't enough. And so there have been a lot of leaks based on conjecture (like the recreated map of Los Santos) and then speculations based on covert photos of promotional materials that are sitting in retail storage rooms worldwide, waiting for the big, red Rockstar phone to ring and give the "OK" to display. Like the promo that birthed the "Spring 2013" release date back in October.

Well, a new series of promo stuff has hit the interwebs, courtesy of the GTA 5 freaks over on Reddit. (And I meant "freaks" lovingly, like the "Freaks And Geeks" sense). There were two leaked promo displays, and eagle-eyed GTA fans have discovered that there is NO PC LOGO. Dum-dum-dummmmmmm ...

Does this mean that the rumors surrounding a PC version weren't true? Probably not. Those rumors were the result of Amazon France taking preorders for a PC version of the game even though one still hasn't been officially confirmed. The fact that the site is willing to take money from people is a good indication that a PC version of GTA 5 will be coming in the near future, but if a digital copy is available will it only be through Amazon or can PC gamers rely on Steam to deliver the goods?

Again, the answer appears to be a firm "probably."

Rockstar announced the Spring 2013 release date for GTA 5 on Steam, a move that would be pretty bone-headed if the game weren't going to be available on PC. And Rockstar isn't run by boneheads, hence the reason that all their recent console games that hit PC were also announced on Steam, and the one that wasn't (Red Dead Redemption) never saw release on Steam.

There are other clues that a PC version of GTA 5 is definitely in the works.

Some PC gamers sent messages to Rockstar about system requirements for GTA 5 and were not told "this won't be on PC" but were instead given vague answers on what the specs could be. An image of a GTA 5 promo box at an EB games store said 'PC' on it. Images of a Game Mania ad also says GTA 5 will be available on PC. Even the IGN Wiki clearly lists the 'PC' as a platform for the forthcoming game.

The big question, obviously, is "When" with a capital "W."

Here's where the newly leaked promos could shed some light. If Rockstar isn't committing to a PC Version on in-store ads, then is a Steam-ready PC version going to be released AFTER the console release dates? Jeremy Peel at PCGamesN thinks so. So does George Santayana, the early 20th century poet who said "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Turn your mental dials back to April 2008, if you can. Hope was riding high, and we were grooving to Kenneth Parcell's "Touch My Body." And then, on April 29 GTA IV Rock-starred our worlds. Our console worlds, at least. GTA IV didn't hit the PC until Dec. 2, a torturous eight months later. And although the console version debuted with world-record sales, the PC version of GTA IV didn't even crack the top five the week it debuted.

So what has the past taught us? If you're a PC gamer, then you'll likely be waiting six to eight months for a Windows version of GTA 5. If you're Rockstar, you learned that there is plenty of money to be made on consoles, and the PC gamers didn't show your franchise much love the last time around. Is it because Rockstar didn't show PC gamers much love by releasing the PC version so much later?

Well, now it's just a vicious cycle of not-much-love-showing. And it looks like it's going to continue ...

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