The GTA 5 release date is rapidly approaching (according to the latest rumors at least) and "Grand Theft Auto" fans got a treat earlier this week when the first billboards were spotted in Warsaw, Poland. See the photos above.

The "Grand Theft Auto V" billboard photos first showed up on Polish "Grand Theft Auto" fan-site From there picked up the story, hyping GTA 5's release date with a short piece.

"With one of the most highly anticipated video game releases approaching, Rockstar Games is doing a great job promoting GTA V," wrote Michael Reynolds for Cvgworld.

Is Mr. Reynolds being a little sarcastic there? The GTA 5 poster is allegedly just a few months away and it does seem strange that Rockstar would launch their "Grand Theft Autor 5" publicity campaign in Poland (rather than America).

It's possible that the billboards are an attempt to test the water, in which case let us be the first to saw that they look awesome. We seriously can't wait to play "Grand Theft Auto" 5, and we're anxiously awaiting the still-unannounced GTA 5 release date later in 2013.

The "Grand Theft Auto 5" billboard photo shows the game's three main playable characters: Franklin, Michael and Trevor. The GTA 5 release date is currently scheduled for spring 2013 in Europe and North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Rumors are also flying that the new title could be released for Wii U at the same time.

Although the GTA 5 release date has yet to be revealed you can already pre-order to game here via Amazon.

Despite the fact that Rockstar is trying to keep the GTA 5 release date a secret, Amazon may have accidentally leaked the details last week to users who purchased the pre-order. The online retailer reportedly sent out an email revealing that "Grand Theft Auto V" was estimated to arrive on March 7, 2013.

The GTA 5 release date leak was shared on a "Grand Theft Auto" forum by a Dutch ser callimg himself "G-Eazy." Here's the full text of his post, translated into English:

"With the release of GTA V, more or less known, is waiting to see what the exact date will be. Rockstar announced recently that we have the game in the spring of 2013 and expect judging from their releases in recent years may seem the most realistic Mon However, it may be that the game is a bit earlier, because Amazon has the game become a 'release date' is provided, at least, it is the expected arrival date. So it's wait and see if the game actually comes out on March 27, because Amazon is known to randomly release dates on games pasting. However, this date fits within the expected time that the game comes out, but downside is that it differs from the 'traditional' month of May, when Rockstar Games releases her. Anyway, nothing is keeping them here from their departing. The people who pre-order for this game stand had received the following email sent by Amazon." (sic).

A second "Grand Theft Auto" forum user, theomenofficial, quickly countered the claims, stating that the GTA 5 release date is set for "April at the earliest" according to Rockstar parent company Take 2. It may sound like these to gamers are contradicting each other, but considering that Amazon's date is "estimated" it would make sense that the game won't actually hit shelves until April 2013.

"It's just a placeholder and also GTA V will release in fiscal year 2014 which starts on April 1st 2013," explained forum user Carl CJ Johnsons Brother Brian.

And this isn't the first GTA 5 release date we've in the past few weeks. Just a few days before, Saturn , a German electronics retailers, leaked the news that "Grand Theft Auto V" would arrive on March 15, 2013. The leak was caught by German gaming news-site PCGames (Google translation). Their report also revealed that pre-orders of the game would come with a free poster (maybe a scaled down version of the billboards above?).

Rockstar has yet to release an official statement on the GTA 5 release date 2013. However, the game developer is still releasing plenty screen shots and trailers in order to build hype for the upcoming title. Based on what we've seen so far, we know the new "Grand Theft Auto" will let the player pilot a jumbo jet and a submarine.

T3 did some serious analysis of the screenshots and came up with some theories for what GTA 5's gameplay might look like:

"The Grand Theft Auto series has always had a reputation for having one of the largest open world maps and Grand Theft Auto V looks set to continue the theme with the oceans now being opened up to gamers.

"One of the pictures shows a shark swimming next to an unsuspecting human not only revealing that the game will most definitely head to the watery depths but also suggesting that you'll be taking on nature as well as other humans."

What do you hope to see in GTA 5 once the release date arrives in Spring 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments.