The GTA 5 release date is set for spring 2013 and fast approaching, but excited fans can't wait. They've already harassed a possible voice actor and created a full Los Santos map based on screenshots. Now they've recreated the latest trailer in Battlefield 3. Watch it here.

Rockstar dropped the second trailer for GTA 5 without announcing an official release date, although rumor has it the game will hit stores as early as April 2013. The trailer wowed gamers and reporters alike.

"The trailer was so well put together that even today I don't get tired of watching it," wrote Matt Liebl for Game Zone. "Rockstar has a way of creating trailers -- whether it's the production value or the movie-like quality -- that make them fun and entertaining to watch. That could also be why fan-created trailers are even more entertaining."

A few months later, with the GTA 5 release date still long off, YouTube user KETEGANO15 has created an almost-perfect copy of the "Grand Theft Auto" trailer using footage from "Battlefield 3." The video uses video from the game including vehicles and animation and matches up nearly perfectly. Who knew Battlefield 3's game map could be so similar to Los Santos.

"I think what always amazes me in these fan-created trailers is just how much time goes into it," added Liebl. "The dedication that gamers have is something truly remarkable which is why I enjoy posting about these type of things."

GTA 5 release date news, rumors and leaks:

So when is the GTA 5 release date exactly. Well, the truth is we simply don't know. Rockstar Games has revealed that the next "Grand Theft Auto" game will take players to the mean streets of Los Santos this spring. But we're still waiting on a specific release date.

We've heard two different GTA 5 release date rumors so far, both pegging the game for a March release.

First, German video-game retailer Saturn claimed that the GTA 5 release date was set for March 15, and that pre-orders would come with a free poster. This rumor was quickly scooped by PCGames (Google translation).

Another rumor came soon afterward from Amazon when the online retailer accidentally leaked the GTA 5 release date to gamers who had pre-ordered the title. The email was posted on an unlicensed "Grand Theft Auto" forum by Dutch gamer "G-Eazy." Check out a full translation of his analysis.

"With the release of GTA V, more or less known, is waiting to see what the exact date will be. Rockstar announced recently that we have the game in the spring of 2013 and expect judging from their releases in recent years may seem the most realistic Mon However, it may be that the game is a bit earlier, because Amazon has the game become a 'release date' is provided, at least, it is the expected arrival date. So it's wait and see if the game actually comes out on March 27, because Amazon is known to randomly release dates on games pasting. However, this date fits within the expected time that the game comes out, but downside is that it differs from the 'traditional' month of May, when Rockstar Games releases her. Anyway, nothing is keeping them here from their departing. The people who pre-order for this game stand had received the following email sent by Amazon." (sic)

The GTA 5 release date rumor was quickly met with strong skepticism.

"It's just a placeholder and also GTA V will release in fiscal year 2014 which starts on April 1st 2013," wrote Carl CJ Johnsons Brother Brian, further backing up rumors that the GTA 5 release date could arrive in early April.

Another forum user, theomenofficial noted that the GTA 5 release date won't arrive until "April at the earliest."

Here's why we think the GTA 5 release date will come in April 2013. If Amazon really did send out that email, revealing the "estimated" release date then it's highly possibly that the new "Grand Theft Auto" game won't actually hit stores until early in the following month. The prospective GTA 5 release date also lines up with Rockstar's promise that the title would launch in early spring, as well as rumors that it won't hit shelves until the company's first fiscal quarter, which begins in April.