The GTA 5 release date is fast approaching, and "Grand Theft Auto" fans seriously can't wait for the new game from Rockstar. Here are some sweet new GTA 5 features we learned from the official XBox 360 magazine. Read on for everything from new vehicles and gameplay descriptions to your new furry friend!


GTA 5 release date spoiler #1: New Characters

The next "Grand Theft Auto" game will be the first to feature three playable characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Read on for full descriptions of each.

The star of GTA 5 is Michael a semi-retired bank robber who's been living like a king in the lap of luxury ever since he went into the witness relocation program. Michael may have everything he's ever wanted, but he's bored and his life isn't as perfect as it may seem.

"His wife hates him," explains Xbox Magazine. "His kids are going off the rails and his money is running out. Time for a free-form crime-spree?"

Next up is Trevor. The first time we meet this psychotic military vet he's reportedly defecating in public. In one "Grand Theft Auto" trailer we saw Trevor walk out of a building as it exploded behind him, so expect to have lots of fun with this character when the GTA 5 release date arrives. Finally we have Franklin, a "fast guy trickster climbing up the rank of the Los Santos crime ladder."

When the GTA 5 release date arrives we'll apparently be able to "leap into control of them at any time," and explore the massive Los Santos map.Most exciting, all three characters will reportedly unite for a few big heists, allowing you to switch between Michael, Trevor and Frankling during the mission. The big question is: will these missions be multi-player? We hope so, but there's little to suggest that the answer is yes.

GTA 5 release date spoiler #2: New Vehicles

Expected plenty of new vehicles for you to take on joyrides when the GTA 5 release date arrives. According to Xbox 360 Magazine, we'll be cruising the streets of Los Santos in "cars, trucks, jet skis, ATVs, fighter jets, planes, helicopters, dirt bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes... If you can think it, or it has 'bike' somewhere in the name, you will be able to drive it."

But that's not all, the GTA 5 release date will also introduce the first underwater vehicles to the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise.

"The entire ocean floor is now a part of the ridiculously detailed map," notes Xbox 360 Magazine. "This leads us to wonder whether submarines will be included in the game."

GTA 5 release date spoiler #3: Better Driving

If you ever complained about the way cars handled in previous "Grand Theft Auto" games than the GTA 5 release date will definitely be a happy day.

"Car handling in Liberty City wasn't perfect, and even Rockstar supremo Dan Houser admits that vehicles could feel a little 'boat-like,'" notes Xbox 360 Magazine. "GTA V, however, will feel a lot closer to a racing game -- with your speeding Infernus hugging onto the corners."

GTA 5 release date spoiler #4: New Ability-Middle Finger Action

In previous "Grand Theft Auto" games if someone annoyed you your only option was to attack, but once the GTA 5 release date arrives that will all change. Get ready to "flick the bird" at anyone you want, with varying results based on your victim of choice.

"Waving a mid-digit at a posh lady in a nice area of town will horrify, but doing the same to a rough and tumble biker could end in violence," explains Xbox Magazine.

GTA 5 release date spoiler #5: New Ability-Start Fires

Once the GTA 5 release date arrives you'll have a new weapon in your arsenal against the cops, a jerry can. No more killing police officers one by one, instead pour some petrol all over the ground, wait for the cops (or whoever you want) to show up, and then drop a lighter and watch the flames do your work for you.

GTA 5 release date spoiler #6: New Ability-Better Fighting Mechanics

This is something that we hear on each and every iteration of Grand Theft Auto," notes Xbox Magazine, "but Rockstar solemnly swears that the mechanics of both melee combat and gunfire have been significantly improved since the days of GTA IV's Niko Bellic."

GTA 5 release date spoiler #7: New Ability-Play Tennis

Yup, in between jacking cars and pulling off heists Michael still has plenty of time to grab a friend and hit the courts for a quick game of tennis! According to Xbox Magazine, each character will have their own personal hobbies, including golf, base-jumping, triathlon, jet-skiing and even yoga.

GTA 5 release date spoiler #8: Even More Robberies

If you loved the bank heist in GTA 4 then get excited for the new "Grand Theft Auto" game. Xbox Magazine reports that the GTA 5 release date will feature "missions building up to six intensely planned heists."

GTA 5 release date spoiler #9: You Get A Pet

"There's a dog!" reveals Xbox Magazine. "A friendly Rottweiler will accompany you on some of your travels through Los Santos. Whether it will be able to get in the car with you and stick its head out of the window with its tongue out while you drive is as yet unconfirmed."

What we want to know is if our new furry friend will be able to play fetch or dig up the bones of dead gangsters.

GTA 5 release date spoiler #10: Trains That Crash

"Grand Theft Auto 3" might have featured a train network that helped you get around town, but the GTA 5 release date will bring you a rail service that you can blow up!

"There are trains in GTA V which can crash quite spectacularly," notes Xbox Magazine. "Some even thunder down the middle of the freeway."

GTA 5 release date news:

About that pesky GTA 5 release date. The truth is we don't know when the next "Grand Theft Auto" game is coming out. All Rockstar has revealed so far is that the new title is coming sometime in the spring of 2013.

Of course, that hasn't stopped GTA 5 release date rumors from popping up, and we've heard two rumors so far that both peg the launch for March (either March 15 or 27).

These GTA 5 release date rumors may be a bit of wishful thinking though, as we don't expect Rockstar Games to release the highly anticipated game until their first fiscal quarter begins in April 2013. There are many who peg the GTA 5 release date for May or later.

When do you think the GTA 5 release date will finally arrive? And will you buy a copy? Let us know in the comments.