In the last few weeks, there have been lots and lots and lots of GTA 5 release date spoilers. And for good reason. Rockstar hasn't released a whole lot of official information, other than a large piece in Game Informer's December issue. And gaming news being gaming news, there have been a lot of internet leaks and spoilers and speculations as to what we can expect from the latest Grand Theft Auto game. So I have taken it upon myself, dear reader, to aggregate ALLLLLL the numerous spoilers and leaks that have been bouncing around the interwebs to bring a comprehensive roundup of the GTA 5 release date spoilers.

I've broken them down into "M" categories for your scrolling pleasure: Maps, Missions, Music and Miscellaneous.

To put you in the proper GTA mood, here's a video of awesome GTA IV stunts:

Now, without further ado, here is the roundup for the GTA V release date spoilers of 2013:


This spoiler is being developed by one source: fans. Cartographically-inclined gamers are using the leaked and teaser screenshots to construct a full map of Los Santos. Gameranx broke the story about forum users who are using hints like skyline landmarks, street signs and general topography to pinpoint the 'where' in every screenshot of L.A.-based Los Santos.


If you get into the details on the forum thread, it really presents a fascinating, color-coded breakdown of the common landmarks appearing in 'GTA' V. There was also a solid feature on IGN in November that walks fans through the geography of the game, albeit without an actual map. The IGN article detailed areas outside the L.A.-inspired Los Santos such as Blain County, an arid, trailer-trashy rural zone and Vespucci Beach, believed to be a mash-up of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. IGN notes in the article that, despite the impressively open areas of the screenshots and trailers they've seen, it may only make up about one percent of the final game. Rockstar has confirmed that long-distance vehicles like biplanes, jets and helicopters will be in the game, meaning fans will have a long way to if they want to cross the entire map.

Spoiler Factor: 9/10 - getting to see the map unfold really gives a sense of how big GTA 5 will be, and seeing it early takes away some of the awe we'll all feel the day we hit the streets of Los Santos.


Now that we have an idea of WHERE we're going in Los Santos, let's take a look at what we'll be doing. has put together a video recreating a play-by-play of two full missions from GTA 5, once again based on screenshots. It's a bit long, but it really gives you a sense of how crazy Rockstar wants to get in the final GTA game for the current generation of console systems. Here's the full video:

The first mission discussed is a kidnapping mission that sends the game's three protagonists (Franklin, Trevor and Michael) to the FiB building in Los Santos. Based on screenshots, it appears that players get to steal a helicopter and take it to and from the mission. Players then get to scale the building, bust in, kidnap the target and escape in a plane-and-helicopter chase sequence that, according to the Game informer article, is just one of many big-time heists in store for GTA 5.

Another mission-related spoiler has come out thanks to a new article from What Culture that revealed that GTA 5 fans can expect to spend some time doing underwater missions. The potential "cool factor" of underwater missions is high. We've already seen screenshots of a scuba diver (presumably one of the game's protagonists) next to a gigantic shark, so a "man vs shark" battle seems likely. There will be submarines in GTA 5 too, a vehicle type that implies a fair amount of territory exists under the seas. What's down there? Pirate treasure? Easter eggs? We'll have to wait until the 'Spring 2013' release date to find out.

Spoiler Factor: 6/10 - an early look at a few missions gives us some understanding of how all three protagonists will work together, but two missions probably account for about one or two percent of all the missions we'll find in the game.


Ever since the epic Vice City soundtrack, GTA fans have had high expectations for the music in each game. And since just about EVERYONE wants to play GTA 5, it's no surprise that when artists hint they might be on the soundtrack, it's big news. Fans of hip-hop star "The Game" are anticipating that he'll be a part of the GTA 5 soundtrack, based on some fan art posted to the Money Gang Facebook page. The image shows "The Game" wearing a GTA 5 hoodie, and it looks consistent with other artwork from previous games. There's even a Rockstar logo on the pic. Does this mean he's in? VideoGamer thinks so. They revealed that "The Game" told Wired 96.5 that he had done "a little bit of work" with Rockstar on GTA 5. Since "The Game" lent his vocal talents to GTA: San Andreas as Mark "B-Dup" Wayne, there's no reason to doubt the rumor he would return in some capacity to work on GTA 5.

Another artist fans are anticipating making sweet musical love to the GTA soundtrack is The Alchemist. Once again, this is an artist with prior ties to Rockstar, as The Alchemist worked on GTA: Chinatown Wars. The spoiler about his work on GTA 5 was released by Pinoytutorial, which uncovered a tweet from the rapper in which he claimed to be working on the original score for the game. The Alchemist, and his collaborator Oh No, provided ten songs for the Chinatown Wars in-game radio. Rockstar obviously approves of his work, and if he's hinting he's part of the process again then I'm inclined to believe him.

Spoiler Factor: 4/10 - getting to know which artists will be part of things is pretty cool, but it's not much of a spoiler to learn that the Los Santos-based game will have a hip-hop vibe.


Between the maps, missions and music found in other spoilers, there's also a bunch of rumor-tastic tidbits out there. Most of those tidbits were beautifully gathered by the folks at OXM, and they ran a 31-item list of all the info they could find. We examined the list, and our staff ran its own top ten based on the leaks, quotes and speculations contained in the massive OXM piece. What did we find?

There's the basic stuff most of us already knew or at least expected from a GTA sequel: three characters, lots of vehicles and improved driving and fighting mechanics.

But for specific spoilers, we enjoyed the tidbits that showed Rockstar is bringing all the edgy fun we expect to GTA 5. Like the middle finger action. It is exactly what it sounds like, your character can flip the bird to passersby and start some trouble. "Waving a mid-digit at a posh lady in a nice area of town will horrify, but doing the same to a rough and tumble biker could end in violence," explains Xbox Magazine.

There are also going to be six "Three Leaf Clover"-level heists in the game. Odds are, they'll be tied to the story in some way, but OXM reports that each of the mega-heists is only accessed by completing a series of smaller missions. What kind of side missions should we expect? OXM reports that "there are money vans to commandeer, muggers to apprehend, dead bodies to investigate, stranded motorists to rescue and hitch-hikers."

Spoiler Factor: 7/10 - we know what to expect in terms of the big picture stuff, but the little surprises (like flipping the bird or investigating murders) would've been more fun to discover on our own. (Maybe).

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