Looking for GTA 5 Online Tips and Tricks for PS3 and Xbox 360? We've got them here! GTA 5 Online for PS3 and Xbox 360 has launched and while for some it is not working, those who have been able to get on and play GTA 5 online, the experience has been everything they hoped for. Being a new experience however, it requires some getting used to and many around the Web are looking for tips and tricks in GTA 5 Online to help them make and deposit money, get more ammo, missions, find out car stats and more. If you fall in that category then this post should be helpful. While Reddit has served as a fantastic resource for all things GTA 5 related, it can sometimes be a bit tedious to sort through the posts. For that reason we are scouring the Web and Reddit, and compiling the best GTA 5 online tips and ticks we can find for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out what we have so far and be sure to revisit later as we'll continue to update the post with more new GTA 5 online tips and tricks.

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GTA 5 Online Tips & Tricks

Tip #1 How Make Money In GTA 5 online

1) For those of us who have been playing GTAO, what are the best ways you've found to make money? I've noticed that anytime you rob a store you'll get anywhere between 1k-2k. Missions seem to net around 2k, but take longer. If it's your thing, hang out around ATMs in the busy parts of town. Kill someone before they get to the ATM, and take the money they were about to deposit. I haven't discovered anyway to get massive amounts of money quickly. I haven't investigated the stock market yet, but I believe the live one is still slowly rolling out. Another thing I saw was that you can sell one stolen car per day (game day) to LS Customs. You can easily make over 5k if it's not a sh*tty car. – christwasacommunist

2) Go to Los Santos customs and sell a car to them gets you 1k-8k sometimes maybe more – (Operation115)

3) You can just grind Simeon missions for money early on. You usually get 5k for doing them and they're not that hard. – (Scottyxander)

4) Death matches, racing, robbing stores. You can also sell stolen cars at Los Santos. Once per day or something. – (brblongitude)

5) Regardless of how much cash the person has on them the max you can get from killing them is 100$. – (JaySpike)

6) Last night we figured out If someone has just committed a robbery and is wasted they'll drop the cash they just stole as well – ninjaandrew

TIP #2 Depositing Money Without An ATM

I've seen a lot of people complaining about struggling to find an ATM to deposit their cash. Well you don't need an ATM. Just open your phone, go to internet then money & transactions go to the 3rd one down (the bank one. I forget the name) and deposit money directly through that. — FoolsPower

Tip #3: How To Get Stats Of Stored Cars In Garage In GTA 5 Online

Pressing the down button the D-Pad while inside of a garage when playing GTA Online will give you the statistics of each car stored, as well as information as to whether it's been insured or not! I found this feature a nice addition, picture beneath! – TOCrisis

Tip #4: How To Get Ammo In GTA 5 Online

If you're out of ammo in Free Roam, simply select the jobs app on your phone, and accept a job from someone (it can be anyone.) When you're on the setup screen, it gives the player a chance to buy ammo before the match. Buy as much as you want/need, and then quit. You end up in the same place you were in FR with a lot more ammo. This saves the trouble of going to ammu-nation, and it can be a big help when in a firefight with someone; although, cheap and dirty. This trick also works for your designated vehicle. If your car is in bad shape, do this and when you get back, you should have a new one waiting there for you. Saves you the money on going to pay-n-spray. – DamianLillard

Tip #5 How To Get More Missions In GTA 5 Online I keep seeing people ask this question. When you first start online, you'll get some texts from Lamar/Simeon/Gerald. If I remember correctly there's a couple of those that are mandatory for you to do before your map fills up with more missions and activities than you can wrap your twisted little minds around! – oodkidmAAdcity

Tip #6 What to Do If Your Car Gets Impounded In GTA 5 Online If your car is impounded, in bad shape, start a mission and steal it back while on the mission. All damage will be repaired. I also did not receive any stars as there weren't any cops in the impound lot. This was after 6 attempts to steal it in free roam when it didn't have any tires left and I would immediately get 3 stars for jumping the wall. – NeverAdopted

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