GTA 5 Online issues have plagued PS3 and Xbox 360 users since the GTA Online launch last Tuesday. To make up for these issues that includes servers being down for days, freezing, lost game progress and character, Rockstar has announced that is will be paying gamers $500,000 in in-game cash. The half a million, so-called "GTA$ Stimulus Package" will be paid out in two installments over the course of this month.

Rockstar have yet to announce exact dates for the GTA money payments, players can expect the first deposit of $250,000 sometime next week and the second deposit by the end of this month to their in-game bank account. In order to receive this GTA 5 Online issues payments, players must have played or will play Grand Theft Auto Online at any time during the month of October. Players must also install the forthcoming GTA 5 title update (1.04), which is expected to be released next week.

With the GTA money payments, Rockstar is hoping to soothe over some of the ire resulting from the GTA 5 Online issues, but some players are not satisfied with this solution. Rockstar also confirmed that lost characters or rank during the troubled launch period would not be restored, prompting some players to express their frustration. "This really makes me hate my life," one commenter SeamusMcg wrote. "I took screen caps of numbers saying I put in over a days worth of time and I DID have a level 25. Emailed it to them, I really hope they get it back to me. I'd rather take that then the 500k."

Another commenter Guajirokonn wrote: "500k is not even close to what the cost of loosing [sic] precious game time and characters is." However, others were grateful for the gesture made by Rockstar to apologize for the GTA 5 Online issues but expressed concern that this could lead to more crashes. "This is very welcome and more than I expected," Jojosskul wrote. "I just hope that Rockstar is prepared and that we don't get another crash when everyone tries to buy the same apartments and cars at once."

CNET reported that the $500K in GTA money is the equivalent of $10 in real money, which hardly seems enough to cover the days of gameplay that were affected by the GTA 5 Online issues. CNET also noted that Grand Theft Auto V was awarded six Guinness world records yesterday, including best-selling game of all time, as well as the fastest entertainment product to gain $1 billion in sales. Perhaps, Rockstar can, as one commenter suggested, deposit actual money in gamers' real life bank accounts instead.

Of course, as previously reported by iDigitalTimes, there are dozens of GTA 5 Cheats that give players infinite money, health, weapons, and more. So, maybe Rockstar giving out $500K in in-game money is, in fact, a bit of an empty gesture. For those who have experience GTA 5 Online issues, is the GTA$500K enough to make up for the servers being down for days and other problems? Let us know in the comments.

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