The most recent "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 news reveals that Sandra Oh will not be returning after the upcoming season. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes and co-star Kevin McKidd talk about Cristina Yang's send-off from the ABC medical drama. The "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 premiere airs Thursday, September 26.

Read on for "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 spoilers.

McKidd (Owen Hunt) and Sandra Oh have an onscreen on-and-off romance on "Grey's Anatomy" following Dr. Hunt's arrival in the show's fifth season. While Hunt and Yang seemingly ended their relationship in the "Greys Anatomy" season 9 finale, McKidd talks about the future for the characters with Sandra Oh's exit an imminent reality.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, McKidd reveals that he plans on staying on the show after Sandra Oh leaves. In terms of Hunt and Yang's relationship, the "Grey's Anatomy" actor says he doesn't know exactly what's in store for the duo, but that it will be unpredictable. He also says that Cristina Yang will always be Owen Hunt's person. This is how Kevin McKidd revealed he would write the "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 finale to send off Cristina:

"It has to be some kind of blaze of glory. I would definitely not like for her to die. It has to be some kind of healing moment for Cristina Yang, where she's transcended so much medically that the hospital can't contain her anymore. Maybe Owen helps -- if she's going to be helping him find a person to have a kid with, it'd be nice to see him help her transcend to the next level of wherever it is she's headed."

When will Sandra Oh's character Cristina Yang leave the show? "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes says that it won't be until the end of the season. Rhimes also says she already knows how Cristina's story will end. When pried about Yang's relationship with Dr. Hunt, Rhimes simply stated "No comment." Whether or not it is a happy or sad exit, Sandra Oh's departure from "Grey's Anatomy" is sure to have a profound affect on Meredith Grey, Owen Hunt and the rest of Seattle Grace Hospital, I mean Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital .

Beyond Sandra Oh news, the "Grey's Anatomy" season 9 finale left viewers with a lot of questions and feelings (as per usual). Did Chief Webber die? Will April Kepner leave her fiancé for Jackson Avery? Are Callie and Arizona calling it quits? To name a few. Let's take a look at some "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 spoilers ahead of the official season premiere on September 26.

Jackson Avery and April Kepner

Just because April got engaged to Matthew the paramedic doesn't mean that she doesn't still love Jackson. Or does it? In the "Grey's Anatomy" season 9 finale, it seems April's feelings for Jackson resurface after he is momentarily presumed dead when a school bus explodes. Jackson emerges from the flames, alive and well, but it looks like Matthew may be left in the dust. April essentially tells Jackson she is willing to throw away her engagement if he gives her a reason to. Will he give her a reason to?

WetPaint reports that Matthew will be in several "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 episodes. Since his character has almost entirely served as a plot line for April's love life, it is unlikely the newly engaged couple has a clean break. Shonda Rhimes also points out that Jackson felt jolted around by April, so it shall be interesting to see him with control in their relationship for once. Sarah Drew, who plays April, says she would like to see her character choose what her heart truly wants (whether this means Jackson and April, or Matthew and April). This could indicate that April is still figuring things out.

Callie and Arizona

Things have been a little rocky for these ladies ever since Callie was forced to amputate Arizona's leg after she was injured in the plane crash. Much of "Grey's Anatomy" season 9 has focused on the characters recovering from the traumatic crash, with Callie and Arizona's relationship a crucial casualty. In the season 9 finale, Calzona had a serious fallout after Arizona cheated on Callie with visiting doctor Lauren. Instead of apologizing to Callie when she figured out the infidelity, she blamed her (again) for chopping off her leg. Will the one major lesbian relationship on "Grey's Anatomy" be over?

Recent "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers reveal that Lauren ("One Tree Hill" Hilarie Burton) will not be back to interfere with Calzona's relationship. That doesn't mean that the two still don't have some serious marital issues. Shonda Rhimes says that Callie won't play a victim in light of the unfaithful act. Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona, also says that while it may be difficult to gain back any trust in the marriage, she hopes the act doesn't label her as a bad person.

While none of these "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers definitively confirm whether Callie and Arizona divorce or work on their issues, they do shed light onto what we can anticipate from each character in season 10. For diehard Calzona fans, though, there is a shred of good news, compliments of Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey). In response to "Grey's Anatomy" writer Dan Bucatinsky's tweet saying that an episode he wrote is "gonna be a good one", Pompeo tweeted "#CALZONAFANS".

Is Chief Webber Dead Or Alive?

Possibly the most burning question sparked by the "Grey's Anatomy" season 9 finale was the fate of Chief Richard Webber. The last viewers saw of Richard is his seemingly lifeless body on the floor near a leak, and more importantly, electrical boxes. We are led to assume that the Chief of Medicine has been electrocuted. Whether or not he survives is anyone's best guess. Haven't the Chief, and his protégé Bailey, been through enough? This is what Shonda Rhimes has to say in response to Chief Webber's questionable death:

"That's such an interesting question! I love that people are asking that question," Rhimes said when asked if Dr. Richard Webber had died. "I'm not going to answer it because I like that it's a question," she said, according to Fashion & Style. "I will tell you that you will see Jim Pickens again, but I'm not going to answer the question."

If "Grey's Anatomy" fans are definitely going to see Jim Pickens again, can't we assume that means he is alive in the season 10 premiere, even if for mere seconds? It seems Rhimes wants to keep us speculating, so we will likely have to wait for the premiere to find out Richard's fate.

Lexie Grey's Death

"Hey, did you just get over the death of Lexi? Good, because there is an episode in the beginning of the season that resurfaces her death at the most inconvenient time for someone who was very close to her. Salt, meet open wound, right?" E! Online reports.

Ellen Pompeo recently posted a photo on Instagram on the set of "Grey's Anatomy". The photo features Meredith Grey in a sea of mist. Is it Lexie's ghost? Unlikely, but since a character very close to Lexie Grey will deal with her death, Meredith is a probable contender (considering Lexie's love interest Mark is also dead).

Ellen Pompeo Ellen Pompeo posted a photo to Instagram from the "Grey's Anatomy" set with the caption: They call this work?

What do you think will happen in the "Grey's Anatomy" season premiere? The two-hour premiere is reported to pick up right where the season 9 finale left off, forcing us to deal directly with issues left unsolved in the last episode. Watch the "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 premiere on Thursday, September 26 at 9 p.m. on ABC.