Apple released the newest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6, last week, but the release was met with harsh reviews as the operating system featured several bugs. Of all the Apple iOS 6 bugs, none more publicized than the company's new mapping software, Apple Maps.

Apple Maps has been dogged for lots of different problems including oversimplified terrains, buggy 3D mapping and incorrect directions. The software was so laughable that several blogs were created specifically to mock the shortcomings of the software. Apple Maps is the first mapping software that Apple has released for its mobile operating system, and many have read the decision to release such software as a direct response to recent legal woes with Google. In years past, Google provided mapping software for iOS. Apple broke that tradition despite having one year left in its contract with Google, hoping that it would be able to create its own mapping software in order to keep users within the Apple ecosystem.

Users of iOS 6 are calling for Google to release Google Maps for the operating system, however, Google executive Eric Schmidt recently declared that there would not be a Google Maps app for iOS 6 anytime soon. For users of the iPhone and iPad that need navigational tools, the news came as a devastating blow.

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Although Google Maps for iOS 6 isn't being released anytime soon, here's a list of Google Maps alternatives that will get you by as you wait for better mapping software for your iPhone or iPad.

1) Mapquest [Price: Free]: There was once a time when Google Maps was not the clear leader in satellite mapping technology, and that's because MapQuest was busy creating one of the most reliable free mapping and navigation services on the planet. MapQuest is still one of the best Google Maps alternatives, and if you're stuck using an iPhone or iPad for navigational purposes, you'll probably want this app.

2) Waze [Price: Free]: This is the best software for people that use their smartphones for navigational purposes while driving. Waze features excellent real-time traffic updates, road alerts and voice alerts to keep drivers up-to-date about any obstacles that might pop up during their journey. Waze also features several different icons on the map including "hazard" icons, "traffic jam" icons, and even "police" and accident" icons. For the iPhone or iPad users that frequently takes the same route in their car and needs traffic updates, this is the best app.

3) Garmin StreetPilot onDemand [Price: $0.99]: This is the first app on our list that's not free, but it's for a good reason. Garmin is one of the leading GPS navigation brands, and it's app for iOS 6 is a fantastic Google Maps alternative. Garmin StreetPilot onDemand offers easy-to-use interface for either walking or driving. It also includes a voice-guided navigation function for those that are using their mobile device in their cars. Once users arrive at their final destination, the Garmin StreetPilot onDemand app allows them to "check in" on social media networks such as Facebook and FourSquare.

4) Route4Me [Price: $4.99]: This app is specifically tailored to people taking a multi-destination road trip. Not only does Rout4Me give route optimization when you're traveling to more than one place, the app will also help connect travelers to a variety of industries including airport shuttle services, real estate, retail furniture, sales, waste collection and more. If you're the type of person that travels a long distance in your car, this is the app for you.

5) NAVIGON North America [$49.99]: This app is specifically tailored to people that are navigating while on the road. The NAVIGON app for U.S. and Canada destinations turns your iPad or iPhone into a beautiful-looking turn-by-turn navigation app. The user interface is intuitive, the road signs are clear and easy to read and the app allows users to view the street from bird's eye view or an easier-to-understand 3D mode. Voice playback ensures that drivers are as safe as possible while following the directions. If you can dish out the cash, we highly recommend you purchase this app made by Garmin.