Google Glass release date news is becoming less cryptic as the Internet giant begins to revamp its wearable device to appeal to the likes of techies and stylites alike. Coinciding with the unveiling of the Google Glass prescription lenses and shades, the gadget's public launch time frame was made clearer on the Glass FAQ page.

"This marks the next phase in the evolution of Glass as we move towards a wider consumer launch later in 2014."

Google goes on to further state that while it is still trickling out the headsets via the Explorer program, a consumer launch will follow suit later this year. With a TBD late 2014 release date announced for Glass, Google is focusing on giving its lenses a facelift to expand from a niche tech community to the masses. As essentially all consumers unanimously agree, fashion is just as, if not more, important than function in creating a wearable tech device that will go mainstream.

"We looked at the industry and all the styles that people love. Naturally we can't make hundreds of styles in this first collection, so we chose the four iconic styles that would resonate most with a wide range of people," Google states in its FAQ page.

The latest Glass designs finally offer up fashion-forward consumers a more stylish frame option. The geek chic transformation is one giant leap for Google Glass in the wearable tech market, which has since been rather deficient in stylishness. It's hard to watch the latest Google Glass video and not feel like you're staring into the future of socially accepted smart glasses.

Perhaps just as important as style for wearable tech success is price. The Google Glass prescription lenses cost $225 each, while the shades are available for $150 each. However, Google struck a deal with VSP to offer consumers reimbursements on the frames based on their prescription plans. VSP has already begun training eye care professionals in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles on how to fit Explorers with the latest lens design. This training will expand to other major cities over the next couple months. What do you think about the Google Glass makeover?

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