Google Glass, confirmed to release sometime before the end of this year, will be manufactured in the U.S. according to a report from The Financial Times. The search company's long-awaited headset has had many wondering if the device would feature a prominent role in their lifestyle. Google Glass specs haven't been disclosed, but those who have been clamoring for the headset can see through Google's videos how the device could work for them. Read on for more information on Google Glass manufacturing in the U.S.

Well this may explain the price. Google has said Glass will cost less than $1,500 which could mean the headset will cost close to that figure. While a surprising amount for a battery power display with microphone and bluetooth, the production taking place locally may explain some of that. If the company were to manufacture Google Glass here, it would be a larger chunk of change than if they were to do so overseas, where wages are criminally lower. Even though not all businesses can afford to go this route, Google certainly has the cash reserves to do, not to mention the Google Glass hype machine working in their favor.

Google Glass is set to release sometime before the holiday season 2013 for under $1,500. We'll have more information about the Google Glass release as information reveals itself.

Yesterday Google announced that they chose the winners to their #ifihadglass contest. Read about it here:

Google Glass #ifihadglass contest ended earlier this month and the winners have been decided. The Google Glass contest allows consumers to get a chance to use the search company's headset. Some have criticized #ifihadglass for the fact that winners still have to pay $1,500 before being able to use the device. Read on for more information about Google Glass contest winners of #ifihadglass.

The Mountain View company announced on their Google Plus Glass profile that the winners to their contest have been chosen. Google will be sending invitations out to their Explorer Program through their social network as well as through Twitter. Businesses were not allowed to participate in the Google Glass #ifihadglass contest, though the company expressed interest in getting Glass in the hands of businesses someday.

Google Glass has been the subject of much attention as of late. Google's piece of wearable tech is unlike anything we've seen from other companies' wearable technologies. Pebble recently released their Pebble watch and Apple has been rumored to be in production of a smart watch, but few companies with the resources of Google have worked on glasses-style devices.

Google Glass is set to release during or before the holiday season of 2013. It is unknown at what pricepoint Google's glasses will retail for, but the company says the price will be lower than $1,500. Google Glass allows users to snap photos, record videos, and view maps and notifications right on the headset's screen. The device connects to one's cell phone via Bluetooth and comes in a variety of colors. Google released a video showcasing Glass's features.

Also see the top five things you should know about Google Glass:

1. They're probably gonna be expensive. The price will definitely go down, but boy will it cost a lot at first. An interesting step for a company who usually releases products for (low cost at times, but usually) free. If you come out on top in Google's contest, you win a pair for free are allowed to buy the device for $1,500 plus tax. Lucky us.

2. Pretty much everything you can do with these glasses can be done right now: sharing video, map functionality, voice control, etc. The difference being you wear it on your head. This is cool because a) who doesn't want a computer for their face, but b) because it frees up your hands, allowing you to do things that in the past (read: now) you'd only be able to do with one hand on the smartphone -- not to mention your attention. Assigning the computer a glasses metaphor allows you to use a computer and live your life a little more seamlessly.

3. Google will have a ton of info on people that use Glass. You thought they knew a ton about you now? Google search and Gmail were just the tip of the iceberg. They can already go everywhere you go via Android phones. Once they can see everything you do, Google might end up being the most omnipresent tech company. Whether that's good or bad, I'll let you decide...

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