Google Glass is going to Super Bowl 2014 at MetLife Stadium, New Jersey, 6.30pm ET on Feb. 2, 2014. Google's experimental head-mounted computer will be used to give CBS viewers a live first hand view of the game from the sidelines as the device will be worn by WROC-TV sports anchor John Kucko, Forbes reported. Kucko's head nods, glances up and down the field and sudden head turns to a great move or penalty will be seen by viewers in an effort to make the game viewing experience more true to life and spontaneous.

"Google Glass will provide viewers with a perspective of the greatest spectacle in sports that they have never seen or experienced before," Kucko told Forbes. "To have this first person technology will be invaluable in my day-to-day coverage of football's grandest game." Viewers will be able to see the Super Bowl 2014 game between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos through Google Glass.

The Google Glass and CBS Super Bowl 2014 deal, which must be a win for the Google Glass marketing team, was announced on Wednesday. Brands recognized that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world with one ad spot costing close to $10 million, per Forbes. The Google Glass view of Super Bowl 2014 is expected to be seen by over 100 million network TV viewers while the game itself is estimated to have 1 billion views in over 200 countries.

The Google Glass Super Bowl 2014 deal follows news earlier this week that the NBA's Sacramento Kings will be sporting Google's futuristic headgear during their upcoming game against the Indiana Pacers on Jan. 24. While the players won't be wearing the devices on court, a select group of players, announcers, as well as the Kings mascot will be wearing Glass to give audiences a unique first hand view of the sidelines and locker room.

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