Google Glass is the most revolutionary piece of consumer technology that we've seen in a long time. Developed at the super secret Google X Lab, a few lucky people have already gotten to try it and it will likely be released to the general public sometime in 2014, according to CNET. Google Glass, a headgear powered by the Android OS, which has a screen, microphone, camera, and GPS chip. (Read spec details here). It's a smartphone over your eyes, which blends the digital world and physical world together, giving you real time information. You can take pictures, take videos, read text messages, read news (or have it read to you), and get directions and information about places as you travel around. The price for the early developer's version was set at $1,500, but there's no word yet on how much we common folk will have to fork out.

What's certain is that owning Google Glass could radically change a person's behavior. For example:

1. Google Glass Will Turn You Into A Crazy Person Who Talks To Themselves All The Time

Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman admits that talking out loud to operate Google Glass via voice recognition is really weird. The way you control Google Glass is "the weirdest thing," Schmidt said during a talk on Thursday at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, according to Reuters. With Bluetooth, the line between crazy homeless person and successful businessman has already been blurred. But with Google Glass, it could get a whole lot worse; you can turn a phone off, but a headset, like Glass, is meant to stay in place.

2. Google Glass Will Make It Impossible To Switch Off And Unwind

Already it's gotten to the point where people cannot take a break from their smartphones, where apps are constantly sending out alerts. But with Google Glass, the alerts would literally fly into your face. Schmidt said that Google would approve all apps offered to Glass users, unlike the free-for-all with Android smartphones and tablets.

The New York Times was first to release an installable third-party app for Google Glass, according to CNET. Its features include breaking news alerts and hourly news updates, meaning you will always know what is happening in the world.

3. Google Glass Will Make You Very Popular Or Very Unpopular

It's not hard to see why owning Google Glass would make you popular, everyone and their mom would want to try it out. But you could also find yourself being left out in the cold. Even before Google Glass hits the market, many places are already banning the device. Everywhere from movie theaters to casinos, bars to vehicles, strip clubs to government buildings, and even your friend's house could be off limits for Google Glass users, according to IBTimes.

4. Google Glass Will Turn You Into A Super Sleuth Or Expert Criminal Witness

The fact that Google Glass allows you to take sneaky photos and videos of people without their knowledge might get you thrown out of bars and casinos, but it will also turn you into an expert paparazzi. See something ridiculous on the train? Just snap away and upload to the world, without anyone suspecting a thing. With the Boston bombing, the fact that everyone had a camera on their phone allowed for a much greater number of images that could be analyzed. Google Glass would take that to the next level.

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