As Google continues to roll out its Internet and cable service, Google Fiber, across Kansas City, rabid Internet users are calling for the zippy service in other cities. Of course, Google hopes to eventually bring the lightning-fast 1 gigabyte-per-second Internet speeds to other cities in America, but today is not the day.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg scheduled a press conference with Google that was scheduled a little hastily. Shortly after the appearance was announced, speculation swarmed the Web about the prospect of Google Fiber landing in New York City. US Senator Chuck Schumer quickly dispelled the rumors that Google Fiber was coming to New York City. Soon after, Bloomberg appeared in a press conference announcing that Google is providing the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City with free Wi-Fi.

Although the news wasn't nearly as good as technologists working in the city had hoped, there's still some hope for Google Fiber in New York City. Web Pro News reports that a job posting on Google's website calls for a Google Fiber Sales Representative in New York City. Here's exactly what the job description:

"The Google Fiber Sales Representative be a part of a team to evangelizes Google Fiber services to small and medium business and multi unit dwellings. As a Fiber Sales Representative you will support plan for our approach in the market including multi unit dwellings, small business, restaurants, and hotels. You'll reach out proactively to both small businesses, while articulating how Google Fiber Solutions can help make their work more productive. (And then, you seal the deal!) You excel at product pitching, cultivating a strong base of new clients and working with fellow technical Googlers to devise solutions and support for your clients."

Today may not be that day that Google Fiber comes to New York City, but there's certainly no reason to rule it out. If Google is looking to establish itself as an internet service provider, what better place to do it than the Big Apple?