Google has added voice search to their Chrome web browser on desktop, similar to their offering on iOS and Android. The Google voice search, now available for Chrome 27, allows users to speak their search queries instead of type it out. Voice search has been available on mobile for a while throughout Android as well as in Google's search app on iOS. Users can search for general information, such as "how old is the president," but also more personal information like one's calendar events (provided you use Google Calendar).

Google has done a lot to bring their services to various other platforms. They recently released Google Now on iOS, adding to their iPhone and iPad lineup of apps. With Google voice search on Chrome for desktop, we further see how mobile continues to influence the desktop experience. It will be interesting to see if Google incorporates Now functionality into their desktop product.

Many have compared Google's voice search to Apple's Siri on the iPhone and iPad. While Google's voice services on iOS are a bit limited in comparison, Android's version provides a bit more features. Among the many comparisons, most reviewers found Google's voice service to be faster than Apple's. Siri was just as powerful, though only after taking a bit more time to send your voice query to Apple or consult the web for results.

Will you be using the new Google Voice search coming to Chrome 27? Let us know in the comments!

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